Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks: The Twitter Experience

Kevin C. Cox

Talking good about Dion Waiters and explaining "The Stick" is tonight's gameplan, so hop on board and lets pilot this failboat to good times.

First off, to Dion. Tonight, we are all Dion, and Dion is the culmination of our hopes and dreams. Our fleeting desires, not as fans, but as humans. Our desire to get better, to explore, and to eat really good pizza while playing X-Box is everything that Dion's game is about, and in what is becoming a trend, he was awesome.

I see you Dion. Your Halo. I see it. David sees it too, he just cannot admit, but with the power of you..... and love.... and Vine... we will cure him.

Hell, I even got Matt Moore to say something nice about Dion! You won't ruin him, world, you'll never stop at one, so I'll take you all on.

Now, to the Stick. What is the Stick? You don't know what the Stick is? Shame on you.

Do you still not get the stick? well, let me explain it. Bobby Hill is, frankly, a chubby kid. He is not good at sports. He so overwhelmingly bad that the track coach asks him onto the team for the sole purpose of motivating his star athletes by sitting them for Bobby, which inevitably causing them to lose meets. He refers to Bobby as "The Stick".

Now, this is not a perfect comparison. Delly is in fine shape. He is not overwhelmingly bad. However, he certainly serves the purpose of being played to send Kyrie, Dion, Jack, and CJ a message at any given time. Henceforth, I refer to Delly as "The Stick".

Now, onto some tweets. None of them are good so I'm gonna keep it brief.

Yeah, it was that bad.

Not all bad I guess, look at me, I'm freaking POPULAR. Also, sup David.

Dion. I love you. I love you so so much.

Thank you, sir.

Kirk was going in, I don't blame him.

Do you? I do.

I asked about their effort, and mentioned I had written about it. I wasn't alone.

And yeah..... it was a crap show tonight.

Except for Jack. Jack is always present, always vigilant in his optimism, and always awesome.

For the love of Dion, SAVE YOURSELF.

But yeah, Clippers, effort, snow, cold, LandGrantHolyLand, all that jazz.

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