Greg Oden: The Beast That Could Have Been (Or Could Be)

First, let me start by saying this is my first FanPost, so if and when I slaughter the layout, I apologize.

So, today I decided to dive into some of Greg Oden's statistics throughout his two seasons in Portland, and found some of them to be pretty shocking. At first glance, even in limited minutes, his numbers were pretty impressive.

    08-09 Season
  • Points- 8.9
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 2.8
  • Defensive Rebounds- 4.2
  • Blocks- 1.1
  • FG%-.564
  • FT%-.637
  • Minutes- 21.5
    09-10 Season
  • Points- 11.1
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 3.1
  • Defensive Rebounds- 5.4
  • Blocks- 2.3
  • FG%-.605
  • FT%-.766
  • Minutes- 23.9

These are not pedestrian numbers. 2.3 blocks per game would be good for 6th best in the NBA thus far this year. The amazing thing, he averaged that over 21 games at just shy of 24 minutes per game. So my mind started to wander to what his per 36 minutes stats would look like. This is where it gets pretty impressive.

    08-09 Season Per 36 Minutes
  • Points- 14.9
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 4.68
  • Defensive Rebounds- 7.03
  • Blocks- 1.84

Pretty impressive rookie season I would say. Thats well over averaging a double double, and almost 2 blocks per game. Not to mention a FG% of 56%. I wish Tyler Zeller had a FG% of 56%. But the most exciting part is his growth in his (although short) second season.

    08-09 Season Per 36 Minutes
  • Points- 16.7
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 4.66
  • Defensive Rebounds- 8.13
  • Blocks- 3.46

Wow. That would have him leading the NBA in both rebounds, and blocks per game this season. That is pretty wild. Obviously, these stats are inflated, and would require him to be healthy enough to handle these kind of minutes. Even so, its pretty astounding when you see the potential. I also thought I would check another decent NBA centers per 36 for his first two seasons, a man named Dwight Howard. Just to put things into perspective.

    Dwight Howard 04-05 Season Per 36 Minutes
  • Points- 13.2
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 3.86
  • Defensive Rebounds- 7.17
  • Blocks- 1.87
  • FG%-.520
  • FT%-.671
    05-06 Season Per 36 Minutes
  • Points- 15.8
  • Offsensive Rebounds- 3.42
  • Defensive Rebounds- 8.8
  • Blocks- 1.37
  • FG%-.531
  • FT%-.595

No need to state the obvious, we know how things turned out, and we know who we would rather have at this point. But based on just these numbers, its clear that Greg Oden was on track to be an absolute phenom. With all of these things in mind, the real question is whether or not he is worth the gamble. Can he return and become the player he was supposed to be? Its unlikely after such a major surgery that he will ever be the type of impact player he could have been. But as you can see above, the player he could have been, could very well have been the most dominant center in the NBA. If he could come back and ease into a role, he may be able to become a fraction of what he could have been. That fraction could still be well above your average NBA center. He has all the tools. Zydrunas Ilgauskas only played 4 more games than Oden in his first two seasons, also plagued with injury issues. We know how that turned out.

Although this is all a matter of personal opinion, I think CG has to make an attempt to get a player with this type of potential. If worst comes to worst, we spent a little money we didnt need. The best case scenario far outweighs the worst. Let me know your opinions!

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