We need to keep the new guys, all of them, because we're getting SO close to... something.

Donald Sloan, Daniel Gibson, Omri Casspi, Samardo Samuels, Luke Harangody, Jon Luer, Jeremy Pargo, DJ Kennedy, Mychal Thompson, Ben Uzoh, Christian Eyenga, Lester Hudson, Semih Erdin, Joey Graham, Ryan Hollins, Jawad Williams, Kevin Jones, Manny Harris.

Depressed yet? I have spent the better part of three seasons hoping, wishing, for an NBA rotation player from these names. 3 former first round picks, a one time playoff hero that helped to push this team to the finals, countless heroes of the D league. The net result? Nothing, unless you count pain, frustration, and inanimate object being chucked in various directions. Not one of these players is currently a contributor to this team, unless you count Jon Luer (Praise be the Hollinger!) Disregarding the three on the end of the Cavs bench, only Ryan Hollins, Luer, and now Pargo are even in the NBA.

After three years of turning over 50% of the roster, we finally have a bench with NBA players, 4 of them no less! Once Zeller takes his rightful place on that bench next season there will be 5. One of the things we have heard recently from Byron Scott is that the players are beginning to trust one another. Trust is one of the largest components of a successful team. It creates chemistry, and will take a team to that next level. Case and point: the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers. We cannot start over next season. The core will certainly remain, but we are so much further ahead retaining these three players that have shown they mesh well with that core. Shaun Livingston, a real NBA point guard that can also play the 2 and 3. Wayne Ellington, hits 3s, plays some defense, and handles the ball well. Finally Marreese Speights. Mostly a jump shooting big, he is decent in terms of defense, rebounding, and post game. His largest value to this team is his intense passion. Ellington has a $3 million qualifying offer, Speights is listed on Hoops Hype as under contract next year, but i thought it was a player option, Livingston is a free agent.

With the right moves, the Cavs can be a playoff team NEXT SEASON. Think about that! We lost the best player in the FREAKING UNIVERSE for basically nothing, and within 4 years we can be back in the playoffs. Boobie, Walton, Casspi, Livingston, and Kevin Jones are free agents. Livingston hopefully will be retained. Walton might. Jones has shown he is probably too short and unathletic to be anything in this league. Boobie and Casspi have become worthless. In the last few months, the Cavs are a .500 team. Since The Hollinger and the Wizards gifted us a bench, we're 6-3. We can go into next season with 10 known quantities, 10 guys that have played together, won together, and know each others strengths and weaknesses. We will have two rookies, one of them a high lottery pick. We will probably sign another CJ Miles type player to another CJ Miles type deal. For the first time under Byron Scott, we can begin a season with chemistry, and a rotation that these players will need to play their way into.This is how teams get out to fast starts, AND get better as the season goes on.

I don't want 8 new faces. Let's keep the band together. Let's start fast. Let's destroy SB Nation's servers with 5000 comment game threads when 4th quarter Kyrie becomes PLAYOFF KYRIE. Let's annoy the hell out of everyone on Twitter that has dared to bash us. Let's act like we matter just a little bit more when people are talking about the cavs, because we know they didnt care until 2013. We can wear Tristan Thompson jerseys, and ask numbskulls how Derrick Williams is doing.

It's going to be awesome, but we need to keep everyone here first.

Now feel free to tell me this sucked.

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