My Plan For The Future Cavaliers


The young Cavaliers led by their star Kyrie Irving has a lot of promise. Kyrie Irving has rejuvenated Cleveland and is creating tons of excitment for not only Cavaliers fans, but NBA fans across the country. Irving is definately the hot topic going into the all star weekend and us Cavaliers fans can only sit back and smile with pride. Lately Irving has taken his game to the next level showcasing why he was picked number 1 overall in 2011. Fortunately the rest of the team is improving drastically as well. Tristan Thompson has been phenomenal since our beloved Anderson Varajao was declared out for the season. TT has been rebounding offensively and defensively alot better then his rookie year and first half of this season. He has been scoring at will offensively and is showing that he deserves a starting spot for the Cavs for years to come.


Mareese Speights has given our bench new life to say the least. His defensive presence has reflected on the whole team and his rebounding has been great. Offensively he finishes under the basket and can hit from mid range at ease. Wayne Ellington has been shooting the ball well coming off the bench nailing key three pointers and consistently hitting from mid range. Our rookie Dion Waiters has been improving as well as Tyler Zeller.


Now as the title of this post suggests I will share with you what the Cavaliers should do next season and for years to come. First off I say we keep Anderson Varajao one more season at least. Let him build up his trade value again so we he can be dealt for picks or possible young talent already in the league. I love Andy but his injuries seem like its the only thing that is consistent about him besides his rebounding. I say keep Daniel Gibson for his three point shooting and veteran leadership. We need a guy like that as a role player. I say we trade C.J Miles. I honestly am not comfortable with his role as a catch and shoot player. He just isn't consistent enough. One game he is decent and the next game he can't buy a basket. If hes missing he'll still keep trying to shoot till Scott benches him. I would rather have another player fit that role then him. I say we keep Ellington and Speights for the long run. There presence has made our team a hell of a lot better since they've arrived.


For the draft I would love to pick up Ben McLemore but unless we get the number one pick overall its looking like he'll be gone off the board before our pick. I would then suggest we go after Otto Porter or Shabazz Muhhammad due to the fact we've been lacking at SF since an unmentionable someone made a decision to take his talents to South Beach. Both those guys "Shabazz and Otto" are great players all around and would fit nicely in Cleveland. I have an upcoming post that will break down both in my perspective so stay tuned.


There is a few free agents I would love to see come to Cleveland. I would love to have Andre Iguodala but I doubt he leaves Denver. I say we go after Kevin Martin, for a second scoring option. He has proven that he can consistenly score and comes nicely off the bench in OKC. If we were to acquire him then I would place him at starter while Waiters continue to develop.

My future drawn out. Feel free to express your opinons. Thanks for reading.

The minutes are projected on average.

Irving. 35-38 mins

Kevin Martin 30 mins

Porter or Shabazz 28 mins

TT 30 mins

Varajao 28 mins


Daniel Gibson 10 mins

Dion Waiters 25-30 mins Ellington 15

Tyler Zeller 18 mins

Speights 20-24

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