Not just the Bigs names

OK people so not really a opinion piece, basically lists. If my grammar is extremely awful I'll edit it and try to fix it. The post is mainly just so we can talk about the draft. I know it's far away and so much can change, but well screw you i like talking about the draft. We all have talked about the big names:

If you want to talk about those names, that's fine, we can talk about those also, but my main reason is to get some names out there about some of the less known prospects. I will post the names of the players that i am keeping tabs on and any links to videos i can find.(*All the names linked to that person's DraftExpress profile page) My hopes for this post is that people will take their own look, make their own opinion about these players and also post names and info of other players you like that I didn't post. Hopefully we wont be blindsided again this draft.

Point Guard/Combo Guards/Shooting Guards

I believe we shouldn't draft a SG or PG high at all. Clearly we have Kyrie, but also i want to see what type of player Waiters turns into first so we know what will compliment them. So here are some players that might could be good prospects at the end of the first round and lower. At this point in the draft you're trying to find a diamond in the rough, position doesn't matter so much.

Spencer Dinwiddie, 6-6, PG/SG, Sophomore, Colorado

-Right now he is projected in the 2nd round, but I can't imagine he will stay low. He might be my favorite project SG. He can start the offense also, but not considered a real PG. As I am typing this he just finished play against Oregon State and finished with 3rebs 4asts 1blk 24pts on 6-6fgs 4-43pts 8-8fts.

C.J. McCollum, 6'3, PG/SG, Senior, Lehigh

-Scoring machine that was a mid to late high 1st before he broke his foot and ended his season. Hoping he will fall down the board. Watch his scouting video and you will see some really good cross overs and hesitations.(would love to see how many highlights Irving and McCollum could create)

Carrick Felix, 6-6, SG, Senior, Arizona State

-Efficient from the floor, but not the brightest player in the draft. Mid 2nd round prospect right now.

Nate Wolters, 6-4, PG, Senior, South Dakota State

-Good player, can score and pass both well. I'm guessing will go much to high to take a back up PG.(*note had him on my list before his 50+ pt game)

Lorenzo Brown, 6-4, PG/SG, Sophomore, NC State

-Right looks like end 1st or beginning of 2nd.

D.J. Cooper, 5-11, PG, Senior, Ohio University

-Local guy will most likely go undrafted, i wouldn't mind if he got an invite to Canton.

Small Forwards

Yup we Gee? ya not as a serious starter, so i think we need one.....or two. So some mid 1st prospects and lower.

Alex Poythress, 6-8, SF/PF, Freshman, Kentucky

-Seems about a mid to mid high 1st round, but still looks like a raw prospect at SF.

Sergey Karasev, 6-7, SF, 19years old, Russia

-Mid first round, decent size makes shots and even though only 19 he is playing among men and doing well.

T.J. Warren, 6-8, SF, Freshman, NC State

-If he comes out then would probably be mid to late 1st, but I don't think he will because even though he is a backup he seem like a much better prospect. I'm guessing he will return, develop more and show what he can do as full time starter.

Dario Saric, 6-10, SF/PF, 18years old, Croatia

-Not draft eligible i believe, don't know why though. Still want to throw this kid's name out because he looks really great.

Centers/Power Forwards

OK so right now it seems as though we have a starting PF in TT and a good backup in Zeller. The roles of Andy and Speights are up in the air. I think most of us can agree that we need a starting C, weather the draft or FA. Here are some, but I don't have a enough of these, please help.

Rudy Gobert, 7-1, C, 19years old, France

-Wildcard, not a lot of video or meaningful stats out there for him, so :)

Zeke Marshall,7-0, C, Senior, Arkon University

-He blocks shots avg 1 less per game than Noel and shoots 70% from the floor. 2nd round prospect depending on future events could be at the top of round 2 or undrafted.

Isiah Austin, 7-1, C, Freshman, Baylor

-Looks good, but my assumption is he should return because there are most likely 4 centers will be taken ahead of him. Next year could be first center taken.

Chris Obekpa, 6'9, C/PF, Freshmen, St. John's

-Athletic raw prospect that next year could be a nice backup to play both PF&C.

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