Trade with Wolves (with Poll!!)

Hello Fear the Sword! I am VoodooMagic and I am a Wolves fan and regular Canis Hoopus poster. I have kind of a bit over there for proposing a bunch of trade ideas the Wolves should look into and often the response is "why would team x do this?"

So I am running a little experiment to see what the opposing team's fans think about a deal involving the Wolves! This is not meant to be disrespectful to any Cavs player or this isn't me thinking Wiz management or fans are idiots (let's be real, David Kahn is my GM....I can't make fun of anyone for having questionable management)

I am going to attach a poll. Even if you think the trade is so stupid you can't believe it, I would certainly appreciate some statistics to use.

So I will propose a trade. Would the Cavs do this? Would you as a fan do this? I'm going to give you a reason why I think the Cavs would benefit from this, tell me if I am wrong

Scenario: 2013 Draft, Cavs don't get the 1st pick but have a pick high enough to get Ben McLemore (2/3/4). Wolves pick between 6-10ish

Would you do Derrick Williams+8 for like pick 2 or 3 if it came down to it?

My thoughts: I think Williams would really do well on the Cavs, he's a young stretch 4 on a team with a coach that doesn't like players who will occasionally make dumb decisions and he's playing behind the best stretch 4 in the NBA in Love. The development process has not been ideal for Derrick, but he will give you glimpses of the scoring ability from time to time (like the 12 point 3rd quarter he had last night). I think the Cavs are a really good fit for him and he is a really good fit for the Cavs.

A stretch 4 like Derrick would go a long way to giving Kyrie a weapon to pass to when he is crossing people over like only Uncle Drew can (that crossover late in the 4th last night was out of this world).

also I'm looking at the top of the draft, obviously you take Nerlens Noel if he is available, but Zeller/Len? I'm not sure either will ever be better than Andy as a center. I personally love McLemore and don't love Waiters but it would be odd for a team to spend a 4th pick on a guy who can only play the 2, to follow that up the very next year and spend a 2-3 pick on a guy who can only play the 2

You move back in the draft I think the Otto Porter, Isaiah Austin, Anthony Bennet (I guess if you got Williams, he and Bennet would create a bit of a glut) group all fill needs much better and I like Isaiah Austin more than Cody Zeller as a prospect anyways if you want a center of the future

So what do you think?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate in advance if you vote or leave a comment! Here is hoping for the best for both Wolves and Swords!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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