Otto vs Shabazz

As we all know the Cavaliers need to address the SF position this off season. We have 3 options to do so. We can either trade for one, sign a free agent (s) or find one in the draft. If we chose to find one in the draft there are two names that stick out to us Cavaliers fans the most. Those two guys would be Shabazz Muhammad of UCLA, and Otto Porter of Georgetown. In this post I will break down both players and who would fit better in Cleveland in my perspective. .

Shabazz Muhammad

Size- Muhammad is listed 6'6, 223 lbs and has a wingspan of 6'11

Strengths- Even with a weighted upper body, Muhammad is light on his feet and moves really well around the court. He has the foot speed to make sharp cuts off ball. The combination of finesse, speed, and power adds to his versatility scoring night in and night out. Shabazz is also an explosive player who can get over the rim and finish at full speed.

Shabazz can naturally score no question about it. He has a great feel for the game and has a high Basketball IQ. He is a natural leader who takes matters in to his own hands and can get the job done. He is averaging 18.5 points off of 30.1 mins a game. He is is shooting 46% from the field and 43% from three point range both fairly nice. He has great balance in his jumper and can shoot off the dribble extremely well. He has great scoring instincts that helps him get around defenses to ultimately score. Definately NBA ready when it comes to scoring.

Weaknesses- His defense could use some work especially since he'll be playing in the NBA soon. He gets beat a lot from the perimeter by quicker players more times then not. Being left handed could be a good thing, but his right hand is pretty weak. He has trouble scoring when teams have forced him to go to his right side which can obviously be a problem down the road.

Overall Grade B+

Otto Porter


Porter is listed 6'8, 203 lbs, 7'1 wingspan

Strengths- Porter is a great finisher due to his length and touch around the rim. He has great defensive potential as he has done great in his collegiate career in playing passing lanes and blocking shots. Otto does a great job rebounding in and outside of his area due to his motor and energy. Has great passing intincts as well, making him versatile player. Is shooting 51% from the field and 44% from three point range. His Mid range is very consistent shooting 68% inside of 17 feet.

Weaknesses- Porter doesn't have great handles as a wing. Which could negatively effect him in the NBA. Is lacking offensive moves as well. Not as great as a catch and shoot guy.

Overall grade C+

Fitting in Cleveland-

I think Otto will fit better in Cleveland then Shabazz. Porter isn't as talented as Shabazz but he has upsides that would fit well in Cleveland. His Defense, rebounding, and passing would benefit tha Cavaliers drastically. Since we are in a rebuilding mindset Otto will have more time to improve on his offense which has potential of being great. Muhammad is the better all around player even though he lacks on defense and passing. His desire to be the Go-To player in my opinion won't work well as a Cavalier since we already have that in Kyrie Irving. For example Shabazz's teammate PG Larry Drew made a game winning shot against Washington the other day that Shabazz didn't seem to happy about. Before he shot the ball Muhammad had been stamping his feet and screaming for the ball in which Drew just took the shot himself. This seemed to piss off Shabazz as he walked off the court seemingly irritated. He didn't join the buzzer beating celebration with his teammates that followed either. Personally I wouldn't want that type of ego in Cleveland. We revolve around Kyrie.. Simple as that. Hopefully we land Otto at a good spot in the first round. #TeamOtto!!!

References- Draft

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