The Draft, the Bench, and the Future of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the middle of a rebuild and from appearances, we're rebuilding from the draft (just getting the obvious out of the way). Our last 4 picks have given us 1 superstar, 1 (potential) exceptional shooting guard, 1 solid PF, and 1 solid bench player so it appears as if CG has an idea of what he's doing in the draft. We've picked up some solid pieces out of sheer wizardry from Grant so it's safe to say that he has an idea of how to make a trade. So, establishing that we know how to draft and we know how to trade, whats our strategy?

1. The Draft

Nerlens Noel is hurt, this could be terrible and career ending or it could just be a setback for him. This may sound harsh, but this may be an excellent thing for the Cavs, if his draft stock drops as a result of his injured knee, that just improves our chances of snagging him. We need a starting center and as soon as Noel starts to bulk up, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Imagine if he misses a full half of the NBA season due to his injury and spends that time gaining upper body strength and a more effective offensive game....I dunno, I feel like we've done pretty well drafting players that missed a good bit of games due to injury.

We need a small forward for sure but I would suggest trying to get as many first-round picks as possible for next years draft. Many readers at this point may just dismiss me outright here because I'm not screaming Otto Porter or Shabazz Muhammad. But I would love to hold out to see if we could land Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, or Aaron Gordon, as they are all freak athletes who are skilled beyond their years and will probably be game-changers when they reach the pro level.

Look them up on youtube or just look on ESPN

2. The Bench

We should keep our bench....I love them.... I may just be sentimental but I think they bring a winning mentality to Cleveland. I think we will need them as solid rotational players when we start getting a little older and significantly better (not that we're not good, we're a high ceiling team but we're not close to it yet).

3. The Future

My fear with picking up Otto or Shabazz is that we might be good. I'm sick of tanking, we all are, but I would much rather set our team up for a better shot at the title then a shot at a 6-8 seed. Next year, we may very well be good enough to make the playoffs on the shoulders of Kyrie, Dion, TT, (Noel/Porter), but I would rather use the patient method of rebuild that we have been using thus far. I would love to see us in the playoffs but I see that as a much slower process than the OKC model. I want us to have a dynasty, and I think with some patience, that is more than likely.

This is my first fan post, so lemme know what you think. Sorry its so long, but I really wanted to discuss this.

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