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NBA All Star Weekend: Kyrie Irving is taking over All Star Weekend

The Cleveland Cavaliers are working to put the city of Cleveland back on the map. They'll make progress in doing so in a bunch of events this All Star Weekend.

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Kyrie Irving in the All Star Game tonight at 8 PM

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been all over your television screen this weekend and it continues tonight. Kyrie Irving will be playing in the NBA All Star Game in Houston, Texas.


Kyrie Irving wins 3-point contest

What can't this kid do? Kyrie Irving just took down everybody and won the three point contest.


All Star Saturday Open Thread

Use this thread to talk about Kyrie Irving's attempt to win the Foot Locker Three Point Contest.

Also, discuss the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and talk about how Jeremy Pargo would have totally won this thing.


Kyrie smokes Brandon Knight in super slow motion

Kyrie Irving's handle is now legendary. I hope Brandon Knight didn't take this too personally. He does it to everybody, Brandon.


Kyrie Irving in 3-point contest

Kyrie Irving put on a show during the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night. Saturday, he'll try to take home the title in the three point contest.


Rising Stars Challenge open thread

Here, you guys. Use this thread to talk about the celebrity game (if you want?) and then the Rising Stars Challenge that starts at 9 PM Eastern.

Celebrity game on ESPN at 7 PM.

Rising Stars Challenge on TNT at 9 PM.


Isn't everybody an all star at something?

This weekend, Kyrie Irving is the only Cavalier being recognized as a true All-Star in the eyes of the NBA. Given that the Cavaliers are such a young team, most of them have grown up in a society where everyone is treated as a winner regardless of whether or not that is actually the case. As such, it only makes sense to honor the remainder of the team for their own special talents that make them All-Stars in their own unique ways.


Chris Bosh named starter, Kyrie comes off bench

This isn't really unexpected but Erik Spoelstra made it official on Friday. Chris Bosh will start the All Star Game in the place of Rajon Rondo. Rondo was voted in as a starter in the Eastern Conference, but obviously will not play due to his torn ACL.

It would have made sense for Kyrie Irving to start in Rondo's place. Rondo is a point guard. Kyrie Irving is a point guard. Makes sense, right? But yeah, Spoelstra decided not to do that. Instead, the Heat will have three starters in Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Kyrie Irving will come off the bench and rain hellfire down on the world to get his revenge, I assume.


What is Kyrie's strategy for the 3-point contest?

Kyrie Irving is competing in the Foot Locker Three Point Contest. This week, he sat down with and talked about his strategy to win the contest.

It's pretty simple: get buckets.


Cavs in Friday night All Star events

When is the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, you ask?

It starts at 9 PM Eastern and is televised on TNT. The celebrity game is on ESPN and starts at 7 PM, so the Rising Stars Challenge starts after that.

You can watch the Rising Stars Challenge open practice on NBATV at 10:30 AM Eastern this morning.

Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Tyler Zeller are all on Team Shaq.

Tristan Thompson is all by himself on Team Chuck.

Make sure you guys watch our young studs go off on national television.

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