A conspiracy theory about Kyrie and the dude who plays in Miami

There are many reasons why I hate the "return of LeBron" talk. Sure, part of it is because he's a giant douche. There are plenty of other reasons why I am not in favor of it. But here is one reason that noone has mentioned that I think is legit. Or at least as legit as him coming back in 2014.

If LeBron and Kyrie eventually team up, why on Earth is everybody just assuming it will be in Cleveland?

Let's go back to the 2010 playoffs. Remmber the line of thinking, "If the Cavs win the title, there is no way LeBron would leave"? In fact, there are some who believe that's one of the reasons he "tanked" the Boston series. It made it easier to leave.

Well, Miami already has 1 title. Say they win the next 2. That means they will be looking at a possibility of the elusive 4-peat. Is there anyway he leaves Miami after 3 in a row? If he couldn't leave Cleveland after winning 1, doesn't the same logic apply to Miami.

Assuming he stays in Miami, they will also have to keep Wade and RuBosh. Of course, both could just pick up their player options for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Say LeBron signs a max with Miami, and the other 2 just pick up their players options. That means in the 2016 offseason, they could potentially have an absolute shit-ton of capspace. They would have to renounce the Bird Rights of Wade and/or Bosh, or they could re-sign either at a smaller wage.

Well, let's look at Kyrie's contract situation. Cavs a team option for 2014-2015 which they will undoubtedly pick up. That would make him a RFA in 2015. Cavs would obviously match anything given to Kyrie. But say he merely accepts the QO. Then he becomes a UFA in 2016.

So he can sign anywhere. Miami happens to have to shit-ton of capsapce because they renounced the Bird rights to Wade (who's is now a borderline cripple) and re-signed Bosh to a more cap friendly contract. Kyrie is already now buddies with LeBron, which we though was so cute because we though LeBron was coming back. Add that to the fact that the Cavs have never gotten past the ECF, because all the cap space we saved for LeBron never got utilized properly. Any mystery where Kyrie signs?

Is this long winded? Yes. Do I think this is currently in motion? Not really. But Pat Riley was able to do nothing but dump contracts for 2 seasons and get all 3 of them in Miami. Given an extra 2 year head start, multiple rings, and the guy who already paved the way for leaving Cleveland, would it really shock anyone? And is it really anymore implausible than him returning to the place that he essentially nuked a few years, the place where his jersey was burned and the place where the owner called him a coward?

We got burned by him, bigtime. We might be setting ourselves up to get burned, again.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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