Can this be the last season we rebuild?

I truly believe that this can be our last year rebuilding and next year we will be playoff bound. I just want to start off by saying Lebron in 2014 is not an option in my plan, If that happens I may never watch another NBA game again (and I honestly cant see Dan Gilbert sucking up his pride that much).

Right now They are a bittersweet team because I want them to win so bad, but at the same time I want the best draft pick as possible in this years draft. We have one amazing super star in Kyrie Irving and Another budding star in Dion Waiters. Tristan himself is developing right before our eyes and getting better every night. Everyone seems to be down on zeller, but I think if he puts some muscle and weight on in 2 years he can be a great center in this league.

Chris Grant pulled a miracle with the trade with memphis and love Speights and think he could be a part of this teams future but only for the right price. As much as a magician that Grant is we all stiff have to look at the dirty truth....This is Cleveland and free agents just don't seem to want to come here even when we had Lebron no came. So I think we need to try and find another scorer in this draft. we can always trade for pieces but if we want major star power we need to get it though the draft. The two options I like are etheir Shabazz Muhammad or Anthony bennett. Im not sold on one or the other but I think the two could make an instant impact on this team and both fit coach Scott's mold in different ways.

For all the Zeller nay sayers I think if we must get someone for long term center I think this draft is deep at that position and Im really hoping we get that pick from the lakers but I'm not expecting it but I think we can still grab a developmental center with the pick from miami. all in all my dream situation for this second pick would be to trade up to around the 13-16 range to draft Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga. He is averaging 18 PPG on a crazy 66% FG percent. I think he can sit on the bench for 1 or 2 years and develop into a great big man.

I think if we draft one of the two Small forwards we can put this team over the top and get into the playoffs next year. I think Dion is gonna shoot up to around 20 PPG next year or even higher and I think Kyrie is gonna drop some scoring for assist. Andy will be back next year and with Zeller's development I don't think he will have to play near as many minutes and this will hopefully limit his chance of injury. Bench wise I would like to see Gee and Andy move to the bench because they are both better suited for it. I would love for the cavs to resign Shawn Livingston, I do not think he will be super expensive and he is a great veteran that can help a young team. I would like to resign Ellington too I think he is a great cheap bench player. Cj miles is on contract for a while and I think he is a good bench player at best. Walton may be with us but I do think that cavs will end up trading him at some point.

I project a starting lineup of this next year

PG-Kyrie Irving

SG-Dion waiters

SF-alonzo Gee/draft pick------(I think alonzo gee is better suited coming off the bench but I dont know if coach Scott would put him their.)

PF-Tristan Thompson

C-Andy/Zeller-------( I like zeller at center a lot he is very rough around the edges but he is developing and I believe he is far from his celling, But I think coach Scott will go with Andy here even though him and gee coming off the bench would be a boost a lot of teams couldn't match)

Bench-In order by playing time


Alonzo Gee/ 1st draft pick

Shawn Livingston

Wayne Ellington

Kelly Olynyk(fingers crossed)

I honestly believe that this is a playoff team next year that doesnt have to hope and wish for another lottery pick or superstar though free agency. This team can develop into something special and great that is crazy balanced and has a great leader in Kyrie Irving

Let me know what you guys think and your own opinions.

Thanks for reading!!! -Sam

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