Kyrie Irving Has The Potential To Be The Most Talented Offensive PG Ever

First, I would like to say I am a first time poster and I am glad to have found this board. It seems like a very "involved" blog/forum site, as in the threads being active.

I will start by explaining that the post has three different topics, but all three are in connection with each other. I will start with Kyrie Irving, one of the league's youngest stars. Please allow me to make a BOLD statement: Kyrie Irving has the potential to go down as the most offensively talented PG ever. Yes, it is feasible to assume that if Irving continues to get better, even with his scoring and passing abilities being so good already, he can become the greatest offensive PG ever. Keyword being offensive, in terms of having the ability to do everything above average-great on the offensive side of the ball. It is a very brash statement, but it makes sense once you watch the kid play along with the stats. He has rapidly climbed the ranks into many fans top 5 PG already. Keep in mind, he is only 20 years old.

Lets break down why Kyrie Irving is already so special, and has the potential to be one of a kind talent for our Cavaliers:


Kyrie Irving is already one of the best shooters in the NBA, shooting the ball efficiently across the board. He's averaging 40% from 3, 47% from the field and 86% from the line for his career so far. He has a chance to get up to that rare 50-40-90 club that Kevin has just reached in his 5th year and looks like he will stay in. You have to believe that Kyrie will continue to improve his shooting even more than it already is, and he should get even more wide open looks as his teammates improve.


I have seen many amazing finishers, and while Kyrie may not be the best finisher in the league, he may be one of thee is. most creative finishers in the game. When Irving gets into the lane, he has that uncanny body control and he can finish over the best of them. He can finish with either hand, and he has even developed a left hand floater when he broke his right hand. One thing that always amazes me is the way he uses the backboard. I've never seen a guard who can use the backboard the way he can. He has a "spin layup" that always makes me rewind about 10 times in a row. One time in particular, he spun the ball off the bottom right corner of the backboard (which is positioned slightly lower than the goal basket is positioned) and the ball bounced upwards and into the hoop. I couldnt believe what my eyes. It looked as if he defied the laws of gravity when the ball bounced upwards at an angle that takes precise spin on the ball, which he has almost perfected. He said he learned how to play the angles on the board from shooting layups on a broken "chipped" backboard as a kid. He also has a patented "switch-hand layup" that I have seen him do many times. He comes down the lane using a two-step gather with the ball in one hand. As the defender jumps to that side, he switches the ball to the opposite hand and lays the ball in. He has gotten many top defenders with the move, including Lebron James here: and Tyson Chandler after breaking Iman Shumpert's ankles and making him fall here:


I think that many people don't understand how good of a passer Kyrie is, he only averages 5 because a) he is asked to score more due to lack of reliable scoring options and b) when Kyrie creates scoring opportunities, his teammates don't finish the play. You does his part in creating the play, but if your teammate doesn't finish the play it doesn't show in the box score. When Uncle Drew gets a legit scorer and supplementary pieces that compliment him, his assists will be around 8-10 easily.He is really an unselfish player, and his play-making ability is a strength of his.


At just 20 years of age, he is already considered a top closer in the game. He has 5 game winning baskets in his first 100 games, something many players never achieve in an entire career (great players too, might I add). Game winning baskets are defined as shots to win the game with less than 24 seconds on the clock. He shoots a ridiculous % in the final 2 minutes, somewhere in the low 60%. He is fearless when it comes to taking and making the last shot.


If he does not have the best handle in the league, it is a debate between him and Jamal Crawford in my opinion. He controls the ball as if it is attached to his arms, almost making it look like art how smoothly and quickly he changes directions. His spin move is one of my favorites, I mean this kid can pull it off at full speed. The spin is so quick that it not only eludes the defender, but makes him look foolish at the same time. Remember him crossing Kobe/Durant and then spinning around Harden at halfcourt, bouncing the ball between his leg and OFF HIS KNEE at full speed, are you freaking kidding me!? He was toying around with the top players in the world, did I mention he's only 20 years old?


He can post up smaller or similar sized PG's and efficiently score. He doesn't force it in the post, and he has shown that he has a few moves (that whip-lash spin he unleashed in Lillard was nasty), he can fadeaway, and he can pass out of the post as well.


Floater, check. Pul-up, check. Post up spin, check. Switch-hand layup. 3 off the dribble. Up and under. Reverse layup. Uncle Drew has every shot you could want a PG to be able to make, along with shooting the free throw at a high clip.

As you can see from my analysis, Kyrie Irving is already well-rounded and almost flawless on the offensive side. At 20. If he continues to grow, he can be the most skilled offensive PG of all time.He will only get better from here, and I can only imagine how good he will be when he is 27,28 years old. So, what do you think? Am I a delusional Cavs fan or does my analysis lead you to believe he has potential to be the best offensive PG ever? Also, have you ever seen anyone who uses the backboard the way Kyrie Irving does? Does he have the best crossover in the game?

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