Underrated Statistics

First, I want to make know that this is my first fanpost on the site. I've really enjoyed my time on the site this season and I look forward to rooting on the Cavs with the rest of the people on the blog for the foreseeable future.

This season there have been a lot of things to get excited about, even if its not showing in the record overall. The stellar play of Irving, the development of Thompson, Waiters showing he was worthy of the 4th pick, and plenty of others. In the mix of all that, here are a few stats that caught my eye but I feel have been overlooked.

Tristan's Assists

In Tristan's rookie season he averaged a whopping .5 assists per game. That's including a stretch to start the season where he had a ridiculous 3 assists in his first 20 games or something like that. This season he's up to 1.3 assists per game, more than doubling his total. He's had several games of 5 assists or more. In January he averaged 1.9 assists per game and he's up to 2.3 in February. Now I'm not suggesting he should start playing the point, or anything like that. However, I think this statistic shows how much his court vision has increased. He's obviously much more comfortable handling the ball and scoring it - the increased assist totals point to a man that's much more in control of his game. In a related statistic, he has doubled his steals per game from .4 to .8.

Dion's stats that don't involving scoring

As a slashing and scoring SG, of course the thing most looked at for Dion is his PPG and field goal percentage, especially since they've been so up and down. However, he's been very solid in other statistical categories, and I think, especially as a rookie, these shouldn't be overlooked. First, his assists. He is averaging 3.2 assists for the season, good for third highest among rookies, behind only Lillard and Shved, both (quite good) PGs. In the past four games he's had a 5, 6, and 7 assist game (of course in Dion fashion mixed with a 1 assist game). Point being, he's a reasonably good passer at his position. At least better than all other non-PGs and a lot of PGs drafted around him.

Dion may not be a defensive stud, but he is doing well with steals. He averages 1.05 steals per game, good for second among rookies. The only rookie better is Anthony Davis - not bad. I think both his assists and his steals show the potential for good court vision impacting his shot selection down the line.

Its also worth noting he's in the top 5 among guards with rebounds. Nothing out of this world, but what you expect from a top 5 draft pick.

Tyler Zeller v. Jonas Vlsjfdljfdslewjas

I was intrigued by Zeller's BPG stats since I noticed he was leading the team. Ultimately I think that say more about the team than Zeller, but nonetheless, Zeller is doing a reasonable job among rookies with his blocks. He's in the top 6 in blocks per game. Now I'd like to look at a couple of Zeller's stats next to Jonas' stats because of how many people wanted us to take Jonas over Tristan. Zeller is averaging only .02 blocks per game less than Jonas, though in 8 minutes more per game. However, Zeller is average 2 rebounds more per game. I guess what I'm saying is they are putting up similar statistics.

Just some stats I found to be interesting. I guess cause I'm a dork. Hopefully they are bolstered even more against the Magic tonight. Go Cavs!

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