Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Memphis Grizzlies Final Score: Cavs fall short, lose 103-92


The Cavs were finally all healthy for this game, but most of this game made me want to vomit. Cleveland and Memphis engaged in a particularly crappy basketball game.

Kyrie Irving managed to dodge the flu and Dion Waiters was able to return to action. But bleh.

The Memphis Grizzlies are known for their slow pace and rock solid defense. Both were on display tonight at the Q as the Cavaliers were never able to play the game that they like to play. Everything was happening in the halfcourt and the Cavaliers were relying on jump shots far too much. A miserable start to the third quarter (shocking, I know) got the Cavs into a 11-point hole entering the fourth quarter.

Although Kyrie was cleared to play, he didn't have that same aggressive, flashy style of play that we're used to. Most of his points came on jumpers and he wasn't taking control of the game like usual. He perked up a bit at the end of the game, but it was too little, too late. He finished with a game-high 24 points. Dion Waiters was virtually invisible for the first three quarters of play.

Nobody bothered to read the scouting report and see that Marc Gasol can make that 16-foot jumper. He was left open all night long and made the Cavs pay. Gasol finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds.

Jon Leuer made a couple baskets. That shocked me. Jerryd Bayless and Mike Conley hit a bunch of terrible jumpers. It wasn't necessarily bad defense -- the Grizz just hit some shots.

As usual, the Cavs left it up to the bench unit to get themselves back into the game. C.J. Miles hit a three and dunked on Gasol to help narrow the gap. And they were able to do that, but the Cavs couldn't get the job done. They got within 4 points, but the magic never happened. The Grizzlies prevented any and all fastbreak opportunities and pulled away with a 103-92 victory.


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