So we drafted Noel eh?

Welcome to a world where the Cavs have won the lottery and drafted Nerlens Noel and where Canadian slang is used in the titles of articles.



Let's say the Cavs get lucky in a couple months and land Nerlens Noel in the lottery. Beyond us getting another interesting name and awesome hair added to the mix; what impact will this have on our team as well as what moves are possible for the Cavs in order to take the next step and become a playoff team?

First of all with us drafting Noel we have to address the fact that he will not be healthy for the start of the season. It's not news to anybody that he tore his ACL and unless he is using Adrian Peterson's steroids he will not be back and stronger than ever to begin the year. This won't be the biggest problem in the world as we have Andy who when healthy plays at a near all star level. We have this luxury and will be able to make sure that Noel is not rushed back and is able to make a full recovery and practice with the team before being entered into our lineup.

What we do need to consider though with both Andy and Noel on our roster that we will need to have a security blanket in case Andy goes down before Noel is ready to play. While I am aware we have Tyler Zeller unless he adds 30 pounds in a reverse Samardo and learns how to be a defensive stopper I don't think we want our starting center to be Tyler if we want to make playoffs.

Here are some of the options available via free agency that might be able to fill into that roll for us. I am not going to include Greg Oden because we need someone reliable. We can't possibly have Andy, Oden and Noel. It's not like Cleveland has good luck.

Samuel Dalembert

This is the exact type of perfect fit the Cavs might be looking for. He's a high character low maintenance pro. If Andy does stay healthy he would have no problem not playing many minutes or any at all but you can count on him being in shape and ready to contribute when called upon. While he's getting paid over $6.5 million this year I doubt he would command that much on the open market or really be looking for that much. If he isn't looking for a lot he would be a great pickup for the Cavs.

Zaza Pachulia

Pretty decent defensive big man, can walk and chew gum at the same time. I'd be fine with adding him as long as it was a 2 year deal with a team option on the second between 3-4 million a year. He's coming off surgery this year for a torn Achilles and while that's concerning it's usually something that once it's repaired is good to go and we might be able to acquire him cheap if he's looking for an opportunity to prove himself again.

Andris Biedrins

Well we all know what he is. Wouldn't be willing to pay more than a CJ Miles deal giving him a chance to prove himself and basically sell us as an opportunity to show he can play again.

Other names that could be considered and acquired for cheap:

The other thing the Cavs would need to consider now that we have Noel is how screwed we are at the SF position. Again my strategy would be to pursue a veteran looking for another shot and give him a two year deal with a team option on the second.
Here are some of the players I think could help this team next year and stop Gee from being our leader in minutes played:

Chase Budinger/ AK47

I'm not sure why but I don't think the Timberwolves will resign both of these players. Either one would be a fantastic addition to the Cavs as they are smart players that can spread the floor, play defense and can dribble a ball better than Alonzo Gee. These are all attributes that the Cavs should look for in a wing player.

Corey Brewer

Oh come on tell me he wouldn't be fun? I mean he brings a similar skill set as Gee but is just a better version. Part of why Gee isn't as effective this year is because we just ask him to play too much. He can go Spike Albrecht and have a massive impact at times but if you leave him out there for too long his warts begin to show. Brewer can provide us with a lot of life on the offensive side of the ball and be a deadly weapon in transition for Kyrie to use. But the most important thing for us as we don't struggle on offense is getting stops. Brewer is a strong defender and paired with Gee they both can go hard in limited amounts of time and have the other one spell them once they are tired. Basically what Denver does only with the effort being allocated to the defensive end of the ball.

Matt Barnes

While he isn't the consistent threat as far as spacing goes he brings it every night and is a very strong defender. He brings an edge to his game which would be appreciated on a team full of nice guys. Might even bring out angry Tristan more often which would be a lot of fun.
Now if we were looking for a longer term fix at the SF position then we would be wish to go after Andre Iguodala. While it would certainly be a long shot and I think Denver is going to retain him as it is such a beautiful fit and it seems like he really enjoys playing for them he would be the only SF in this upcoming free agency class that I'd really be comfortable committing to long term.

Let me know what you think! Any player I didn't cover that you feel would fit well? Do you disagree with only looking for short term fixes and relying on either another draft (which would be a lower pick) or upcoming free agency classes to complete the roster? Think we should blow up the team (GTFO)? Don't like the word eh and would rather use huh like a caveman?

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