The Case for Tiago Splitter and what he should be paid

I would like to see the Cavs go after Tiago Splitter from the Spurs or Nikola Pekovic from the Timberwolves. In this post I will go over why I think Splitter would be a great addition as the starting Center and Zeller as back up. This would also mean trade injury prone Andy who should have been traded before he got hurt.

Why should we go after Tiago Splitter?

Tiago Splitter sort of reminds me of Omer Asik from the Bulls situation. People didn't know he would take off the way that he has for Houston pulling down 22 rebounds the other day. This is because he was a backup who played limited minutes in Chicago. The numbers said he would be better with more minutes and this is why Morey picked him up.

Splitter is in a similar situation. He doesn't really get any shine behind Duncan, Ginobli and Parker and that's understandable. With the Cavs, I think he would shine and here's why:

10.4 PPG

6.3 RPG

P.E.R. 18.67

77 games played this season

Per 48 - 20.2 PPG 12.2 RPG. 3.0 A.P.G.

Gasol is a passing big man who gets 3.7 A.P.G.

He's 4th in production and on/off court statistics behind Duncan, Parker and Ginobli. He's +5.3 in production and +8.1 in on/off court.

What is the Spurs best 5 man unit?

Parker, Green, Leonard, Splitter and Duncan are +123 with a 17-2 win/loss record.

He's 74% from the free throw line.

Stephen A. Smith laughed when Skip mentioned Splitter but then had to change his tune.

Stephen A. Smith gives Spurs' Tiago Splitter props (via Adam Hernandez)

Here's a 25 point game by Splitter. As you can see he plays well with Parker and I think he would play great with Irving.

Tiago Splitter Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2013) (via DownToBuck)

What should we offer Tiago Splitter?

Tiago should be offered 17 million over 3 years. 5 million the 1st and 2nd year and 7 million the 3rd year. He currently makes 3.6 million a year.

In case you say the highlight above is against the Hornets. Here's one against the Thunder where he had 21 points and 10 rebounds. Check out the passing by Splitter in this video.

Tiago Splitter 21 Points 10 Rebounds Full Highlights vs Thunder (3/11/2013) (via kasenspurs)

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