Draft Idea for You Folks

I was going to do a post on what other moves the Cavs would need to make to shore up the team if they were to draft a SF like Porter, Oladipo or Shabazz but with us receiving the Lakers picks as well as the third best odds to win the lottery my brain started spinning on what Grant might end up doing with our draft picks.

Something tells me we will not be keeping all of our picks and will either be moving up in the draft or moving some of them for a player. But what will happen if we win the lottery?

I played ESPN's draft lottery a couple times until a scenario came up in which the Cavaliers got the first overall pick and here was the scenario that came up that I will be working with for the purposes of this article:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Nerlens Noel (do the happy dance)
  2. Detroit Pistons - Ben McLemore (happy for them, great fit)
  3. Phoenix Suns - Otto Porter
  4. Orlando Magic - Trey Burke (reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach)
  5. Charlotte Bobcats - Anthony Bennett

Now with drafting Noel there were several things to consider as I outlined in my previous fan post. First and foremost is our need for a SF. While it's fine to say well we can package our picks and trade for a starting SF I don't know if there are any available and if one is of any quality I can't see a team being willing to part with them for a package of picks.

For this reason I'm proposing that the Cavaliers trade with the Phoenix Suns (remember I'm working off this scenario) in order to acquire Otto Porter to pair with Nerlens Noel.

What I would be willing to give up for this trade:

Tyler Zeller, Lakers Pick, Our second round picks, and if necessary Marresse Speights or CJ Miles.
I think the Suns might be willing to accept this deal if Speights was willing to sign a new deal with them and if that arrangement failed to work out I would be willing to part with Miles even though it would hurt me dearly.
Now while adding two rookies to an already young team might be cause to smash your head in and deal with a few frustrating moments like we've experienced watching Kyrie, Dion, Tristan and Tyler try to learn how to play NBA basketball on both ends of the court I believe that we could position ourselves to not be reliant on them we have been with our rookies over the past two years.

While we can all agree Alonzo Gee plays way too many minutes a split with Porter might be a lot easier to stomach. If Otto were struggling we could certainly count on Gee to come in and provide some stability and give whoever is coaching us next year a chance to take Otto out and explain to him what he's doing wrong or give him a moment to compose himself without letting the game get out of hand. As far as Noel goes we will still have Andy available playing a bunch of minutes and if we add a veteran or two like I suggested in my other post I think we could develop these two guys and not overwhelm them while still making a legitimate push for the playoffs.

So what do you guys think. Too much? Too little? Too young? This was more of a spit-balling exercise to see what we would need to give up realistically in order to get two players in this draft and whether or not anybody would be on board with this type of a strategy.

Obviously if Phoenix was asking too much we could try negotiating with another team in the top 5 to try and acquire Oladipo or Shabazz but I wouldn't be willing to give up quite as much for Shabazz just on gut feeling.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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