Where are they now? Mike Browns former Cavs Players

To start, we're going to show the players who played for Mike Brown in his last season as the Cavs coach as they were then...and where they're at now. The initial part of this is to get extract the data. I'm going to use Basketball Reference as my main source of information for everything included. If I go to something else, I'll source it accordingly.

To start, there were 18 players that made their way onto the Cavs squad for this season.

First and foremost, Lebron James. Let's face it, we know who he is and where he is. We know the type of statistical season he's having. We know that he's the MVP. I really don't need to go into to great of detail on him...because well...he's going to be great no matter who he plays for or where he goes.

29.7 / 7.3 / 8.6 on 50.3 / 33.3 / 76.7 Somehow, he's managed to improve on that. That was his third best scoring season ever and he's never dished out more than 8 assists in a single season before or since. His efficiency though, is crazy good. Still needs to improve on his Free Throw shooting.

Mo Williams was our 2nd leading scorer with a 15.8 / 3.0 / 5.3 stat line on 44.2 / 42.9 / 89.4 efficiency. He was (of course) quite famously traded to the Clippers for Baron Davis (since Amnestied) and Kyrie Irving (or at least the draft pick that became Kyrie Irving.) He played a season and a half with the Clippers and last season played for Utah. At just a hair over 30 MPG, he posted 12.9 / 2.4 / 6.2 stat-line with 43.0 / 38.3 / 88.2 efficiency shooting in only 46 games. His PER of 14.4 puts him at a shade below average (offensively) which coupled with his defensive deficiencies doesn't necessarily bode well. It's clear that this "All Star" was riding Lebron's Coattails that particular year. He never shot better than 40% from beyond the arc prior to or since leaving the Cavs.

Antawn Jamison came over to us this year in that famous trade with Washington where we trade Big Z...they dumped him and then we signed him back. He had a 15.8 / 7.7 / 1.3 stat line on 48.5 / 34.2 / 50.6 (yeah, his FT shooting was that bad with us.) While his numbers declined after leaving us...he was already a player on the decline. He was less efficient after coming over from Washington. Currently plays for the LA Lakers. Classy player...and if he played anywhere other than in Miami or LA, I'd wish him a ring this year. LOL He's currently getting 21.5 MPG and scored 9.4 / 4.8 / 0.7 grouping. This season is his career lowest PER at 15.3. The advanced stats like this guy.

Shaq played one season for us and one more after us. He was already beyond the twilight of his career. While he was a force offensively...defensively he wasn't anything close to his prime. He was too slow on rotations and posted his 2nd lowest block average of his career (his next year in Boston was worse.) It was a career low for him (nearly all around) in his 53 games and 23.4 MPG. (Only the following year would get worse.) He had a 12.0 / 6.7 / 1.5 line. He still hit on 56.6 / 0.0 / 49.6. Yeah...that's fat and old Shaq for you. Can't blame this on Lebron or Mike Brown though...he was way past due to get out of the league. He thought he could help us "Win a Ring for the King" and wanted to play the part of "Witness Protection". After the way that Orlando abused's no surprise we turned to the Dwight Killer. Unfortunately it wasn't Orlando who put us out of the playoffs this year.

Did you know that Sebastian Telfair played 4 games for Cleveland and averaged 9.8 points per game in his time here? Yeah, he was let go...and has played as a backup for 3 other teams since then (Minnesota, Phoenix and Toronto.) In the 4 games he was here, he posted a career high 14.0 PER. But there's no way that could be a statistical anomaly. Statistics without context, yay!

Delonte West - he of 8.8 points per game and of course his Do-Nuts. His bipolar disorder was in full effect this season...he played in only 60 games and saw a decline in his overall production from the season before. His 8.8 / 2.8 / 3.3 on 44.5 / 32.5 / 81.0 were all down from the previous season. This might have been after he and Lebron's mom broke up. He played two more seasons after this, one in Boston and one in Dallas and was out of the NBA before he turned 30. He was actually semi-decent in Dallas, as a backup shooting PG who can play defense. I will miss him. His tenacity on D and lack of fear when shooting was a breath of fresh air to me. Crying shame he was Cray-Cray.

Anderson Varejao enjoyed his last healthy season with the Cavs this particular year. He was still just an energy bench guy who (at the time) I believed was vastly overpaid. He had 8.6 / 7.6 / 1.1 in 28.5 MPG as a backup. His 57.2 / 20.0 / 66.3 numbers weren't terrible. His 15.8 PER was respectable and this was the beginning of his rise in skill...and the end of his time as a healthy player. He's played in only 81 games since then...but man...what an improvement he's made over those 81 games / 3 seasons. If he can come back and play 60+ games for us this next season, we'll be in GREAT shape.

JJ Hickson was in his 2nd year for us this particular season and had an 8.5 / 4.9 / 0.5 stat line with 73 starts. He had a PER of 15.2 and was clearly a better player than the year before. He was athletic but made some bonehead plays on defense. His stats improved the following season to 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds. He would later be traded to Sacramento for Omri Casspi and a heavily protected future 1st rounder. Then he would be traded to Portland to play Center next to Lamarcus Aldridge. This year he averaged a double double posting some a 12.7 / 10.4 / 1.1 average. (He helped me place 2nd in my Fantasy league.) It's no huge surprise to see him improve like this...he was an athletic but raw prospect when we drafted him. 5 seasons into his career feels about right to see some decent return.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas played his final season with the Cavs this year. He was old...he was slow...but he was beloved by the fan base! His 7.4 / 5.4 / 0.8 didn't matter to us. The 44.3 / 47.8 / 74.3 didn't matter to us. He was Big Z. His Pick and Pop was a thing of beauty. Sure, he was a shell of his former self, but it didn't matter because he was ours. The respect and love was mutual between fans and player. He played one last season in Miami and got nothing for it. Since then, he's come back to his home, to Cleveland, hired by Chris Grant in January of 2012 as a scout / assistant GM. God bless Big Z!

Everybody's favorite Cavalier (Anthony Parker) posted a 7.3 / 2.9 / 1.9 on 43.4 / 41.4 / 78.9 percentage. His 9.9 PER was something that will forever exist in Cavaliers Lore. It was his first season with the Cavaliers and an awesome 81 games did he play. Sorry...autocorrect caused ridiculously fucking awful to become awesome. He played two more seasons with the Cavs...and they produced some of the best chatter on FTS that I can remember seeing since my arrival. Links such as This, This and This were quite the norm. His retirement thread became a discussion about milk for crying out loud! For realz guys? Show some respect. It was all about the veteran leadership. He's a 9 year 36 year old vet when he retired. read that right!

Daniel "Boobie" Gibson basically had a career shooting year this year with 6.3 / 1.3 / 1.3 in 19 MPG (over 56 games) by hitting on 46.6 / 47.7 / 69.4. He is (of course) remembered most for his 2007 playoff performance. He did post a career high 11.6 points in the 2010/2011 season to go with his career high 3.0 assists. However, this SG in a PG body has dealt with entirely too many injuries since then and has seen his production slip. This year, in 46 games, he hit 5.4 points on career lows of 34% FG and 34.4% 3 pointers. He's played 7 seasons with the Cavs...and I suspect it may be his last...even with the re-hiring of Mike Brown.

Jamario Moon joined the Cavs in the 09/10 season and scored all of 4.9 points in 17 MPG. He played in 61 games and even started 2. He was traded to the Clippers in the trade that brought us Baron Davis (and of course Kyrie). After leaving the Cavs, he played in all of 27 total games (19 for the Clippers and 8 for the Bobcats) and is out of basketball. His NBA career lasted all of 5 seasons. His rookie season (07/08 as a 27 year old) was easily his best season.

Jawad Williams was in his 2nd (and 2nd to last) season with the Cavs/NBA. He played in 54 games this year. He played in 26 the next year. I think he's working at the Citgo. Even Wikipedia doesn't show him playing basketball this past season.

The oft-injured Leon Powe played 20 games for the Cavs and scored a career low 4 points for the Cavs on a career low 42.9 FG%. He played in 30 more games the next season between the Cavs and the Grizzlies.

Darnell Jackson played in 27 games for the Cavs...(plus 1 more with Milwaukee.) He then played in 59 games for the Kings the season after. He has bounced between the D-League and China since then according to his Wiki page.

Cedrick Jackson played 1/3rd of his entire 12 game career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was 0 for 2 in 10 minutes of action. You will be missed Cecil!

Of Coby Karl's 24 career games, he spent 3 of them with Cleveland. His 5 minutes of action produced the two most awesome rebounds ever. They're so awesome...that to link them on to this page would cause it to explode. I'm told it was Chuck Norris-esque.

Danny Green is the last Cavalier from that team. He was a rookie for us and has since moved on to play for Greg Popovich. He has steadily improved since going to the Spurs...but only played in 8 games in his first season with them. He hard to work to earn his spot in their rotation...and is now their starting SG. He put up 10.5 points this past season on a very respectable 44.8 / 42.9 / 84.8 shooting line. When you're playing with Duncan, Parker and Ginobli, your shots are going to be you have to make them count...and he clearly does. Not bad for a former 2nd rounder.

All in all - that 09/10 team was primarily Lebron and a bunch of players clearly on the decline. Hickson, Green and a healthy Varejao are the only guys to actually see legit improvement. In the case of JJ HIckson, this was the first season where his Win Shares was better than his 09/10 season. In the case of Green - he plays for Popovich who we all know sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to resurrect seemingly dead careers.

While I admit that Lebron was great while he was really does take a pretty good coach to take this combination of young players (green, hickson) and players on decline (pretty much everyone else) to get this team to 61 wins.

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