Mainstream Media HATES the Cavs

Adrian Wojnarowski is a great NBA writer with great NBA sources, but his latest piece of work is a BIG middle finger to Cleveland. Here is the link: Cavaliers need to give up dream of 2014 reunion with LeBron James.

Just from the title you can tell this isn't going to be good. Some of the things he says are basically a big f*** you to the Cavs. There is literally something every paragraph. The first half of the article is basically "Move on. LeBron isn't coming back," which is fine. Whatever, we all have moved on, but you just think we haven't because there's rumors that LBJ might consider a reunion. I don't really want him to come back, but if he does, fine.

But what really gets me, and kinda pisses me off, is the rest of the article is basically non-stop bashing of the Cavs young players, while taking some shots at the city and the front office. I'll highlight some of the most egregious:

To trade Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra for Cavs general manager Chris Grant and Brown is unfathomable.

Outside of Irving, there's still little infrastructure to these Cavaliers.

Privately, the Cleveland front office has pitched a fantasy of trading young players and picks to Portland for All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge, sources said. Only, that's never going to happen. Cleveland is far higher on its two top-five picks, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters, than the rest of the NBA.

And all the Shane Battiers and Ray Allens who had come into James' life with the Heat wouldn't join him in Cleveland.

If you're living and playing on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Cleveland is Anchorage.

(Disclaimer: There were 2 and a half (short) sentences about how this doesn't mean Cleveland is a terrible city)

These next couple really get me:

Outside of winning the lottery for Irving, it's hard to make the case for one thing the Cavaliers have gotten right in the wake of James' departure.

They have a franchise player, and they've squandered chances to surround him with the best available talent. Thompson over Jonas Valanciunas made no sense on draft day, and makes even less now.

(Except, you know, that TT was a better player offensively and defensively last year, but that doesn't matter)

Three years later, Brown is back and the Cavaliers no longer need to live in make-believe land.

And that's basically the jist of the entire article. Blah, blah, blah. Cleveland sucks. LeBron isn't coming back. Get over it and move on. Un-freakin-believable.

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