How and Who Did Mike Brown Coach

The data below shows (to me) that Mike Brown truly did do the best he could with the roster that we had. In 4 of his 5 seasons here, we had more victories than the expected victories as outlined by Basketball reference. While we had the best player on the floor every night, we did not have the best team in our playoff losses. He wanted a team to grind out possessions and wear them down. He wanted to see great team defense. If you look at our rosters, we didn't really have any big time stoppers that were in their primes when they played for us. And those few guys who were really good at defense (Ben Wallace, Eric Snow) were huge liabilities on offense. In 3 of the 5 years, we had a Top 10 Offensive Rating (points per 100 possessions). And yet, we rarely fielded a team with a lot of offensive talent (outside of Lebron.) Obviously, Lebron was a huge part of our success...but at what point do we stop giving all the credit to Lebron and all the blame to Coach Brown? Certainly Lebron (while a great defender now and a guy who's defense improved drastically under Brown) can't account for our 3 Top 10 Defenses (in regards to Defensive Rating.) How many of our victories are truly Lebron's and how many are truly Browns? Those are the questions that can't clearly be answered...but I believe the numbers to show Mike Brown to be a better coach than he was given credit for. All he can do is work with the talent he was given...and considering the number of changing post Top 10 offenses and defense in 3 out of 5 somehow scrap together an NBA Finals appearance (long before Lebron peaked) has to say something good for him.

2005-2006, 50-32 (expected W/L of 48-34)

Points Per Game, 97.6 (15th) Opponents Points Per Game, 95.4 (10th) Pace 89.8 (19th)

ORTG 107.8 (8th), DRTG 105.4 (14th)

Beat the Wizards (4-2) and lost to Detroit (4-3)

Above Average PER Players (at least 500 minutes played): Lebron (28.1 PER), Big Z (21.9) Drew Gooden (17.6)

We had 36 games of Larry Hughes still. 82 games of Eric Snow. 80+ games for Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones. Even Sasha Pavlovic was getting some real playing time.

Players with above average Playoff PER: Lebron James (23.2), Anderson Varejao (17.4) Donyell Marshall (15.2), Drew Gooden (16.4), Big Z (15.2)


2006-2007 50-32 (expected W/L 52-30)

PPG: 96.8 (19th), OPPG: 92.9 (5th) Pace: 90.8 (18th)

ORTG: 105.5 (18th), DRTG: 101.3 (4th)

Swept the Wizards, Beat the Nets 4-2, Beat the Pistons 4-2 swept by the Spurs in the Finals

Players with above average PER: Lebron (24.5), Big Z (18.0), Drew Gooden (16.5), Donyell Marshall (15.3)

70 games with Larry Hughes (12.1 PER), 67 with Sasha Pavlovic (12.1 PER) and Eric Snow (8.6 PER). The rise of Andy had started...was up to 14.4 PER.

Players with above average Playoff PER: Lebron (23.9), Big Z (18.0), Daniel Gibson (16.8), Drew Gooden (15.7)

Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, Eric Snow and Sasha Pavlovic all had sub 10.0 PER in the playoffs and still received significant minutes.

The Spurs had 4 players above 15 PER (including 3 above 20) in the regular season. They also had 4 players above 15 in the playoffs (two of which stayed above 20.)


2007-2008 45-37 (40-42)

PPG: 96.4 (16th, OPPG: 96.7 (9th), Pace 90.2 (25th)

ORTG 106 (20th), DRTG 106.4 (11th)

Beat Wizards 4-2, lost to Celtics (world champs that year) 4-3.

Players with an above average PER: Lebron James (29.1), Big Z (18.7)

Only two other players on this roster had a PER better than 12.5, Delonte West at 14.1 and Joe Smith in 27 games had a 14.9.

Playoffs PER above 15 was Lebron James (24.3) and Big Z (17.2). Joe Smith was the third best at 12.6. Yes, I am discounting the 8 minutes that Billy Thomas gave us that produced a 26.8 PER...just like I am discounting Damon Jones posting a -3.3 in 26 minutes.

Boston had 5 players with a regular season PER greater than 15. They had 3 in the playoffs (with Ray Allen missing the cut with a 14.9).


2008-2009 66-16 (65-17)

PPG: 100.3 (13th) OPPG: 91.4 (1st) Pace: 88.7 (25th)

ORTG: 112.4 (4th) DRTG: 102.4 (3rd)

Swept Detroit and Atlanta, lost 4-2 to Orlando (who lost in the Finals).

Players with above average PER: Lebron (31.7), Big Z (18.0) Mo Williams (17.2)

Varejao had a strong prominence for us coming off the bench and had a 14.6 PER. Played the third most minutes for us (behind Lebron and Mo Williams). Daniel Gibson (of 10.1 PER) played the 5th most minutes for us.

Players with an above average PER: Lebron (37.4).

That's it. Just Lebron. And his PER increased. Mo Williams dropped to a 13.0. Big Z dropped to a 14.5.

Orlando had 5 regular season players with a PER above 15 and 3 playoff players above 15.


2009-2010 61-21 (59-23)

PPG 102.1 (10th) OPPG: 95.6 (6th) PACE: 91.4 (25th)

ORTG: 111.2 (6th) DRTG: 104.1 (7th)

Beat Chicago 4-1. Lost to the Celtics 4-2 (they lost in the Finals)

Players with an above average PER: Lebron James (31.1), Anderson Varejao (15.8), Mo Williams (16.1), JJ Hickson (15.2), Shaq (17.9), Antawn Jamison (16.7)

Went all in this year to try and "Win a Ring for the King." Despite the fact that almost every key player (aside from James) on this roster was already on the decline, we still managed another 60+ win season.

Playoff PER in Playoffs: Lebron James (28.6), Shaq (16.2), Jamario Moon (17.8 in 113 10.3 MPG).

Mo Williams again dropped in the playoffs...this time to a 12.1 PER. Varejao was reduced to an 11.5 PER. Anthony Parker had a 9.8 playoff PER.

Boston had 5 players that had regular season PER above 15. They had 4 above average in the playoffs...including from Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

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