Would Atlanta be Willing to Trade Al Horford?

This was the question that I wanted to see for myself.

I think most of us here would be drooling over the possibility of adding Horford. For those of you who don't know too much about him, here's a short profile.

As a center, he stands 6'10" and has a 7' wingspan. He weighs 246 lbs and is quite athletic: Horford measured a 31 inch vertical jump (no step). By comparison, Wesley Johnson (KAHHNNN) recorded the highest no step vertical in 2010 with a 32" leap.

Horford was drafted out of Florida after staying for his senior year. He won two national championships (as many OSU fans know) and scored 1000 career points.

He was drafted by the Hawks in 2007 and is still relatively young at 26 years old. Currently, he's under contract through 2015-2016 at $12,000,000 each year. So far, his contract is paying dividends as Horford was named 3rd team All-NBA last season.

This season, he played in 74 games, and averaged 17 PPG, 10 RPG, 3 APG -- on 54% shooting. Horford is a fairly efficient player as measured by Hollinger's PER -- this season he has a 20 PER. He also added an estimated 12.7 wins to the Hawks, good for 3rd best among centers.

As shown, Horford would be a great fit with the Cavaliers. Between him and Tristan Thompson, our post defense would likely be average at worst, and hellishly frightening for opponents at best.

The question is, how would we get him? Clearly, adding All-NBA caliber players is a must for us to become competitive and Horford should be at the top of our list.

There are some that think that the Atlanta Hawks (which only have three players under contract past this summer) are headed for a change. If Danny Ferry chooses to let Josh Smith leave, I'd imagine it would be blow up and rebuild time.

This is where the Cavs can step in. I posted this to Peach Tree Hoops, the Atlanta Hawks SBNation page:

Because there's so much uncertainty for you next year, I'd imagine there's a high possibility for a rebuild. Smith is most likely leaving and a player of his caliber (though not max contract worthy) leaving could be enough to cause any team to start over, and that's not even considering the other players on expiring deals.

My interest in your situation is this: if your front office plans on rebuilding starting next year, I'd imagine you would like a high lottery pick. And, wouldn't you know, the Cavs happen to have one of those. We also are planning on hopefully becoming relevant again. Pending results of this year's playoffs, obviously, some of us commenters at Fear the Sword have thrown about a trade idea that I would like your opinion on.

Hawks get:

Andy Varejao (until he was hurt, averaging 14 PPG and 14 RPG with a PER of 21)

Tyler Zeller (averaging 8 PPG and 6 RPG as a rookie thrown into the starting lineup

Our entire draft this year - Without considering the lottery, it would be #3 and 19 in the first round, and #1 and #3 in the second round.

Cavs get:

Al Horford

I know that giving up Horford is a lot. I love him, and think that he would be a great player and locker room presence for the Cavs. However, if the team's direction for next year is toward bottoming out and starting over, this would be extremely beneficial. You would obtain a high lottery pick and several other good picks that could be used to draft rookies or combined with your first rounders to move up.

And, if you end up using several rookies to fill in the empty roster spots, you could "bottom out" and be in a position to draft one of the top players in next year's loaded draft (Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Marcus Smart).

(TL;DR - Varejao and Zeller plus our entire draft this year for Horford)

At the end of my post, I attached a poll with the options "Yes," "No," "Yes, but with some changes," and "I don't think the Hawks are looking to rebuild next year."

The results of this poll were as follows:

14 - Yes

11 - No

3 - Yes, but with changes

3 - The Hawks probably won't rebuild.

I thought that they would be intrigued, but would ultimately think it wasn't enough. I was really surprised when one of the commenters said that he thought the Hawks would consider it, but doubted that the Cavs would. One said he liked the trade, but wouldn't want our second rounders or Lakers pick, but would rather some future draft choices (of which we have many).

It would definitely be an intriguing deal. Assuming the Hawks don't make noise in the playoffs and Josh Smith leaves, they could be looking to stockpile some draft picks in preparation for next year's loaded draft. The Cavs could help them out--for Horford.

Sorry for the length of this post.

TL;DR The Hawks fans on Peach Tree Hoops seemed to be willing to trade Al Horford to the Cavs for Andy, Zeller, and our first rounder this year, and probably the Sacramento or Memphis pick.

I'm pretty sure I know what the results will be, but I'll post a poll with the same answer choices that I presented to Peach Tree Hoops below.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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