Want to gamble? How about this?

Lots of posts and thoughts about turning the Cavs into a contender really quickly. How about this scenario- just for kicks.

Step 1.Go after Bynum hard

Step 2. offer to take Granger off Indiana's hands (we might even pick up a late 1st for our efforts)

The big gamble obviously comes in 2013/14- if both players are healthy enough for 60+ games at 90% of their previous level of play a front court rotation of Andy/Bynum/TT could well be the best in the league- and we saw how Gasol/Randolph shocked the Spurs a few years ago and almost booted the Lakers. This threesome could be better and Granger/Kyrie/Dion would be better than the Gay/Mayo/Conley Frontcourt. Top 3 seed potential and a matchup nightmare for a lot of teams.

Does it kill the Cavs' fantasies about reclaiming Lebron? Not really. Granger comes off the books in 2014 and the Cavs have $0 actually gauranteed that season as of now. Obviously Bynum would be getting a hefty chunk (18-20 million range), Kyrie's 7.5 million would get picked up and our draft picks would be holding up another ~5-10 in cap space. The prospect of the Cavs dumping options on some combination of Varejoa, Waiters, Zeller, TT and Gee sounds bad but it doesn't actually have to come to that. All the Cavs need is the threat and for Lebron to agree to a less than max deal and then use that leverage for a sign and trade and only lose a relatively small number of assets. Landing a max contract player (or close to it) this offseason doesn't stop Lebron from rejoining the Cavs if he wants to in 2014- unless Bynum is totally unable to contribute due to injuries and that scares him of.

Upside wise? Assuming it costs Andy, a major draft pick or two (say the Lakers from this year and a future pick) and Gee to land Lebron the lineup could be






With a bench of Zeller, a top 6 pick from this draft, the Cavs pick from the 2014 draft + exceptions and vet minimum guys I think thats a team that could contend for 70 wins.

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