Otto Porter is the BEST player FOR THIS TEAM in this years draft.

Let me start first off by saying that I'm a student at The University of Kentucky and know everything there is to know about Nerlens. He is an incredible athlete no doubt about it. His offensive game is raw and not even close to ready for the NBA, but his ability as a shot blocker and a defender still gives him tons of upside.

But does he fit the Cavs?

No. Not at all. And here is why.

We don't need an athletic big man who can't make any jump shot besides a hook. He can't dribble and beyond 10 feet he is worthless as a shooter. WE HAVE TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. And we won't make it if we draft him, even if we get the first pick. We would then have two, young, raw and inconsistent centers. Although Zeller and Noel are inconsistent in different ways, we still wouldn't get good results regardless. If you even want to dream about LeBron coming back, you have to make the playoffs. Wont happen if we take Noel.

Otto Porter is a different story. This team needs someone who can play D, has a solid offensive game, has a great work ethic but most of all plays great defense. His wingspan helps him get steals and deflections and he always knows where the ball is. He is a great defender. He also has a great basketball IQ. Kyrie has a great IQ and Dion is learning, but we need more. Otto knows when to slow the game down and when the game should be going at a fast pace. He always is in the right place and really thinks through everything going on in the game. He is a complete player who can come in and immediately play the SF position.

Oldapio is not tall enough to be a starting SF in the NBA. You can't be barely 6'5 and get good results, sorry, not happening. He can't slow the game down like Porter and his sense of the game isn't like Porters either. He can shoot but he doesn't play as good of defense (not that he is bad, porter is just better) and doesn't fit this team like Porter.

The Cavs know this, as they have Porter ranked higher than Oldapio according to Chad Ford.

Look if we get Nerlens, your not going to see me complaining. He is an incredible athlete and his intangibles are high.

But this team needs a SF who can make an impact from the start in all areas, and that is Porter.

I even think Porter will be the rookie of the year. He is the best all around player in this draft and should not have any trouble winning ROY.

The Cavs need to take him and our young core will take us places next season.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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