Possible Small Forwards for the Cavs

Alright so now with Nerlens in fold (yeah I'm already assuming it, get at me, bro), the Cavs now have one glaring hole in the roster: Small Forward. I'll break down what we've got and who's available.

Current Roster

Currently the only real SF on the roster is Alonzo Gee. While Gee is a good defender, he leaves a lot to be desired on the offensive end. His only real strength is dunking and he usually drops the ball or kicks it out of bounds before he even gets the opportunity to show off his one offensive skill. CJ Miles I think could also be effective backup SF. He has good size and personally, I'd prefer him as the backup SF over Gee.

Free Agency

The easiest group to name is the crop of free agents. I'll have two groups of guys here that I'll be looking at. The first is the expensive guys:

Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, Andrei Kirilenko

Out of this group, I'd be fine with either Andre/i. Josh Smith would make us so dynamic defensively but I just can't justify giving him near max with his offensive game. Smith took 1182 shots last year. 522 (44%) were from three or 16-23 feet. Almost half his shots are long twos or threes. He shot 31.6% on these shots. If that isn't the model of offensive inefficiency I don't know what is. Now if you could convince him to lay off all these terrible shots, then sure sign me up but otherwise, no thanks.

The Andre/i's provide similar skill sets, imo. Both are good defenders, not great shooters, but effective offensively. Both would probably require 3-4 year deals at 9-12 million a year with Iggy being slightly more expensive than Kirilenko. I think both would be excellent bridges until we find our young SF in the draft in upcoming years.

The other group is the cheaper guys. Here you've got veterans Matt Barnes, DeMarre Carroll, Corey Brewer, Kyle Korver, and Dorrell Wright and young sleeper Al-Farouq Aminu. All the veteran guys would be upgrades and pretty good fits while not breaking the bank financially. Aminu is intriguing physically, but is still raw offensively. Ultimately, I think he's be worth the gamble.


There are a couple obvious trade candidates and others that I think are more of a long shot. The first guy I'll mention is Nic Batum. IMO, he'd be a great fit on this team and I'd love to have him. I don't really think he's available, but he could probably be had for a pretty decent price. I'd think an offer would have to start with Andy, Gee, and picks and even that probably isn't enough. Ultimately the price is probably too high, but its still worth exploring.

Next are guys that are veterans on expiring deals. Danny Granger, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, and to a lesser extent Luol Deng. The first three mentioned I think are very available. Deng would cost more as I don't really think the Bulls want to give him up. All would be good fits. My preference would be Deng, Granger, Marion, Butler.


This is the least intriguing option in my opinion. I want someone who's going to help win now and rookies aren't usually that guy. People like Reggie Bullock, but while he can shoot he probably won't be able to do much else right away. If you could trade up to get Otto Porter, then do it but I don't think that's possible. Shabazz Muhammad is another possibility if you want to trade up, but I am personally not a fan. If you are going to take a SF in the draft, I'd rather see a stash player combined with a trade/signing of a veteran. My personal favorite is Giannis Adetokunbo. Other possibilities are Sergey Karasev and Dario Saric. Possible second round guys include Glen Rice Jr, Tony Snell, and 3/4 tweener CJ Leslie. All would most likely have minimal impact with Leslie being the most intriguing.

My Preference

So to wrap this up I'll say what my preference would be. Included with all my options is drafting Adetokunbo. My first option would be trading for Batum. That's unlikely though, so I'd attempt to sign AK47 or Iggy. If you can't sign either Andre/i, I'd attempt to trade for Deng, Granger, or Marion. If none of these work out, I'd try to sign Aminu, and if that doesn't work out, I'd go after one of the veteran FAs. If all these options are exhausted, I'd stick with the draft as the potential of one of the rookies outweighs the cost of Josh Smith or Caron Butler.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you prefer and who I missed.

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