One Direction the Cavs Could Go

1. Hire an offensive assistant. The team is familiar with the Princeton offense and has a lot of the pieces already in place, most importantly, Varajao. (Hey, I hear Bill Carmody is looking for work). Plus Princeton offense slows down the game, limiting the number of offensive possessions for opponent, ssomething defensive minded Brown can appreciate.

2. Acquire a face up 4: While I love TT, he's not a fit in the Princeton offense. His stock is high right now and the Cavs should be able to get a nice return. I originally pencilled in Love here because Kahn didn't understand his value and probably would have given him away, but Love & new GM Flip Saunders are in their honeymoon period right now and it doesn't look like Love is going anywhere. Next best option: Ryan Anderson. He shot over 550 3 pointers last year and made over 38% of them. New Orleans has Anderson coming off the bench behind Anthony Davis, so he shouldn't be too difficult to pry away from them. (If NO doesn't want TT straight up because he's too similar to Davis without the shot blocking, I concocted a three team deal where TT, Gee & Miles go to Chicago, Luol Deng to NO & Anderson and back up PG Brian Roberts come to Cleveland. Chicago unloads some payroll, paves the way for Jimmy Butler to start and get an heir apparent to an aging Carlos Boozer in TT. NO gets the starting SF they need).

3. Draft Otto Porter #1: Perfect fit at SF. Played in Princeton offense at Georgetown under JTIII. Solid passer, ball handler, 3 point shooter and defender. This pick almost makes too much sense if Brown is using the Princeton offense.

4. Draft Gorgui Deng #19: The rim protector everyone is clamoring for but also a good passer out of the high post so he can learn to be effective in the Cavs offensive system.

5. Draft Giannis Antetokounmpo #31: This is a luxury pick and he may not still be here (someone gave him a first round guarantee). He would be an amazing point forward in the Princeton offense after 2-3 years of seasoning in the Spain pro league where he just signed a new deal.

6. Draft Grant Jerrett #33: A face up four with high basketball IQ, an excellent passer and an improving 3 point shot. Can learn behind Anderson.

7. Resign: Livingston, Ellington & Luke Walton. They all fit (except Livingston and Walton can't shoot from 3), but it's impossible to get perfect fits at every position, but they are both great passers).

8. Sign: Kyle Korver. I know he's 34 years old, but he still shot 45% from 3 last year and he's coming off the bench to be a spark behind Porter.

This simple 8 step plan sets up the roster as such:

PG: Irving, Livingston, Roberts

SG: Waiters, Ellington

SF: Porter, Korver

PF: Anderson, Jerrett

C: Varajao, Zeller & Dieng.

In the Princeton offense there isn't much difference between PG, SG, SF & PF offensively. They all set up outside the arc and move without the basketball to set up screens, back door cuts or open 3s. So a guy like Livingston could play PG, SG or SF because he has the size and quickness to defend those positions on the other end of the floor. Varajao can play PF or C, as well Dieng (although they obviously wouldn't shoot from 3). The Cavs also would still have two potential first round draft picks next year at least one of which they should target Isaiah Austin, another 7-2 PF/C who could run the offense from the high post. It allows for the eventuality that Varajao is getting up there in age or could be dealt and Zeller isn't a good fit and would need to be dealt eventually.

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