Demarcus AND Kevin Love? Whhhhaaa?

Annnnnnnnd of course some random guy with NBA in his twitter name states the Cav's envision Cousins and Love both coming to Cleveland.

What can I say? I love people. They dream up the best scenarios when it comes to sports. I remember when it was a rumor that the Ravens had better sign Joe Flacco to a monster deal before CLEVELAND chimes in and snatches him up. how'd that work out? I remember a deal that sent AV to the Clippers for Deandre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe. How'd that go? And now, in the days following my posts that the Cav's are either going to be conservative or wildly aggressive, comes this little gem of a scenario.



Bucking conventional wisdom-you know the one that says this ain't happening-I figure I'd try to figure it out to the best of my ability. How the heck would the Cleveland Cavaliers manage to snatch both Kevin Love and Demarcus Cousins, play defense, and not have a bench full of lowly 40-year old's trying their best to get that last 1 million to cover their divorce settlements? How the heck could this even be done? Well let's take a look:

First things first, I'm going to go ahead and say I don't believe this could/would happen. Would it be nice? Sure. But the Cavaliers are not lead by a the likes of Ainge, Pat Riley, Gregg Pop, Masai, nor Buss. These are the guys that assemble a big three like no other(Celtics), duplicates that effort(Heat), finds overseas gems consistently and flips George hill for Kwahi(Spurs), manages to get a ton of players from New York for 'Melo(Nuggs), and there aren't many words to describe the poker face of the Buss family. We are led by a busy owner in Dan Gilbert who leaves his basketball operations to a blue collar GM in Chris Grant. So I just cant fathom this much of a risk headed over to a Cleveland Sports franchise. But let's take a look at some crazy, crazy trade scenarios that COULD make this possible. Assuming all parties have mutual interest.

First lets deal with our own roster:

Lets say the Cavs

  • Let Boobie Gibson walk
  • Let Marrise Speights walk
  • Do not Resign Shaun Livingston
  • Waive Chris Quinn

Now on to the Draft! Whoop Whoop!!!!

These are crazy trade scenarios so bare with me.
First, the Cavs do not currently owe any 1st round draft picks and with this model they still will not. I, personally, do not want them to go that route and I cant see Chris Grant doing it either since his method has consistently been to "Build through the Draft". With that said, let's hit it!
Trade the No. 1 Draft pick to Sacramento

  1. Cleveland gets Demarcus Cousins, No. 7 pick and John Slamons' Awful contract
  2. Sacramento gets No. 1 pick, CJ Miles and Tyler Zeller



Trade the 31, 33 and Orlando's second rounder next year for Dallas' 13th pick. This saves them money this year and next year. Cuban will take that. And we all know !

Now, with the 7th and 13th pick:

  1. Minnesota gets the 7th pick, the 13th pick, Alonzo Gee, and Tristan Thompson to the Timberwolves.
  2. Cleveland gets Chase Budinger, Kevin Love, and Luke Ridnour.



I think this is a pretty even trade. This means the Timberwolves will have 3 picks in the top 13 and a legit starter beside Pickovic in Tristan. They may make a really good front-court duo in all reality.
With the 19th Pick the Cav's grab Jeff Withey.



Now, in free agency, the Cav's have to get really savvy.
Resign Ellington- 4.5 million

  • Sign Paul Pierce if the Celtics Amnesty him-Around 6-7 million (based on his experience alone, really)
  • Sign Earl Clark- 4Million
  • Sign Greg oden- 1 year 2-million with Team option
  • Sign Oj Mayo-pay him the most of these aforementioned free agents to either start or be our bench guy. (Flip flopping with Waiters) maybe 6-9 million.



Cavs can roll-out a line up of:



That's only 13 players so the Cavs can still add some D-Leagurers like Walton, Kevin Jones, and Omri Casspi And the Cavs will still have their First Rounder next year, the Kings first rounder that's protected and the Cavs own second rounder.
This is purely speculation and a litany of moves that you don't see from the Cavs organization outside of grabbing Joe Smith, Ben Wallace, and Wally Szcerbiak all at the same time. One alteration is not signing Pierce and just starting Chase Budinger which is still an upgrade over Alonzo Gee, in my opinion.


That was fun. I'd love to see what MB could do with these guys defensively. Offensively I think they would be 100% ok. Kyrie's scoring will go down tremendously, to about 15-16 pts a game but his assists will be in double digits. Waiters' scoring will hover around 16-18, while Oj Mayo's will be a consistent 14 off the bench. Love may have about 18 and 12 for ppg and reb. Demarcus will probably be in the twenties because Love, Kyrie, and Budinger will be feeding the heck out of him.



Also on the other end of the spectrum:
The Kings draft Noel. They can start: Isaiah-Tyreke-Thorton-Noel-Thompson (Still the same old kings. Going nowhere fast.)
The Timberwolves get a major haul here. Which I think is fair opposed to the Kings because they didn't get the first Rounder. They can start: Rubio-Oladipo-Derrick Williams-Thompson-Peckovic This is actually better than what they have now. No telling who they get with the 13th pick. Alonzo can come off the bench and they still have Barea and AK47.

With this proposed Cavs roster In 2014 I may be forced to go...


Right back at ya Lebron!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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