Offseason: Present and Near Future!

Offseasons are a crazy time for any general manager. If I were the GM of the Cavs the following is what I would do in the next two offseasons. First, I looked at the Cavs money situation, which we all know is top-notch. Then, I looked at the roster and slotted in some players I thought would help us immediately and/or a couple years. Eventually, the Cavs would replace/upgrade or re-sign the players I slotted. I included the salary of the players using hoopshype as a reference and also made my own signings and trades( hopefully realistic). I believe teams are on a 70 million dollar budget, so I went with that for both offseasons. Here is what I came up with and I hope I don't get attack too much.

2013 Offseason 1. Draft Noel 1st overall. 2. Dallas selects Tony Mitchell(believe the hype) traded to us for 31 and 33. 3. Mo Speights takes his PO, we trade Mo Speights, 19 and Sac pick for Danny Granger. 4. Take TO on C.J Miles. 5. Make QO to Wayne Ellington( which I put we actually get him for 3.8mil and 4 mil next year). 6. Sign Earl Clark on a three year deal( 3.0/yr and 3rd year Team Option). 7. Sign Shaun Livingston on a three year deal( same as above). 8. Sign Alan Anderson and Boobie to veteran minimums

2013 Roster

Center A.V.-9.1,T.Z-1.6,Noel-5.5

Power Forward T.T-4.3,E.C-3.0,T.M.-1.5

Small Forward D.G-14.0,A.G-3.2,A.A-1.5

Shooting Guard D.W-3.9,W.E-3.8,C.J-2.2

Point Guard K.I-5.9,S.L-3.0,Boobie-1.5

The team salary for 2013 comes out to be 64 million, which leaves 6 million remaining in cap space. There are a few players who are interchangeable and a few who won't get much playing time. I thnik this roster creates competitive balance and allows Mike Brown several lineups to throw teams off or to match what they are doing. With coach Brown having this flexibilty with his lineups may help his in game adjustments.

2014 Offseason 1. Alan Anderson, Boobie, Gee, Granger, and C.J off the books 2. Sign LBJ( I know...I know). 3. Take Andy's TO 4. Sign two draft picks and two league minimum players

2014 Roster

Center Noel-5.9,Andy-9.8,Zeller-1.7

Power Forward T.T-5.4,E.C-3.0

Small Forward LBJ-21.0,Mitchell-1.6

Shooting Guard Dion-4.0,Wayne-4.0

Point Guard Kyrie-7.5,Shaun-3.0

Plus our two draft picks and two FA(roughly 6.0 mil total)

2014 team salry comes out to 73 mil, but we still have the 6.0 mil cap space. If my numbers are close I have 3 mil of wiggle room for salaries to work out. I did this so we could stop talking about Cousins and I have a passion for trade ideas! Even though these may be pipe dreams it was still fun to see what we could have. Let me know what you think FTS and what you would do differently.

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