We are FTS

Gosh I am bored so why not just sort out some of the roles for the members here?



Key terms:

1.BanHammer Ban-hammer_mediumvia deadly weapon banishing people from the land.

2.Cavaliers Cavs-nav-logo-230_medium


- the reason we live here is to worship this religion without struggle

3.FearTheSword- The land we live in which is between DBB, BAB, ICR, and BH This midsized, crowded city beside the sea is best known as the birthplace of a famous hero(John34). The majority of its inhabitants are involved in Writing, and it is considered notable for its monument to a fallen hero.

The Royal Family(In Order of importance)

1.Conrad Kaczmarek- The evil king of the FTS, we must follow his orders or we face the deadly BanHammer. The young king took over after much turnover occurred in the land. He is dubbed throughout FTS as RadCod

2.Sam Vecinie- The Bravest Knight of FTS The Big Brother type to Conrad, he comes around when he is needed and makes sure everything is done right.

3.Angelo Benedetti- The Bard of FTS, his poems and tales are the best in the land. When he is not performing he is usually in the shadows watching, and waiting for something that we haven't figure out yet.

4.Patrick Elder-The Once great leader of the people, who rallied the people whenever needed,but disappeared without a trace it is believed that the King laid the Banhammer on him.

5. HoopsBoosh and Ben Cox- Little is known about them throughout the Land, but when they show up greatness occurs they speak to the people, and inspire us.


7.Security Guards

8.Allie Clifton- She once loved prince Zavac but he broke her heart.

9.David Zavac- The Prince, he may be way older then our King but the king respects his opinions. He is next in line for the Crown, but only if he learns the power of the Banhammer. He is known for striking out a lot, and being made fun of by the majority of the people of the land, and we do not fear him.

The Townspeople

1.Ahowie- The last remaining person from the pre-RadCod era. He is smart knowledgeable, and enjoys schooling us when he comes around.

2.OPace- He was once a simple school teacher until he came to FTS. Since coming here he has became the new face of the people with his famous Opace'd leading us through tough times under RadCods rein.

3.NonDairyKreemer(NDK)-Little is known about him since he is seen infrequently, he was once on the same level as Patrick, but he also disappeared and has been sporadically showing up ever sense.

4.Zach Rammer- Known as the youngest person in the land and although not Royal he is next in line for the crown behind Zavac. He is Beloved, and everybody wants a piece of him, and his only problem is that he enjoys making fun of White Giants.

5.Erauili- The Smartest person in the land when it comes to anything going on in other lands, without him we would be stuck having to listen to Zavac trying to sound like he knows what is going on.

6.Clevyxc- The Oldest Person in FTS he has 60 years on the next closest, and he just became loyal to our king and culture. Note:We have still yet to determine if he is a spy from the land of CamdenChat or not.

7. Worldwide Mourt- The troublemaker, he is smart and has inside information on many people, and uses that informatino to try and embarass them.

8. Aviate and WitMi- Brothers who always enjoy fighting each other, and others. Nobody knows if they are really related but this writer believes so since they always talk about each other.

9. Kyrie From Downtown, and Swirving- Downtown is the second youngest, and He and swirving have Similar beliefs. But Downtown is a Dog Breeder, and Swirving is a Cat Breeder.

10. xfl2001fan- He was around during the dreadful days of the XFL, but finally saw the light joining our wonderful community. He is the famous Troll Smasher and has been steadily moving up

11. Jrowan- Originating from RaptorsHQ, this person is very knowledgeable about anything from the lands north of our border. He also has a unhealthy love for Zach, and considers himself the best friend in the land to this Writer.

12.kendaru.geter-The writer of this scroll he may be one of the least informed about the Lands, but is one of the most passionate about the Cavaliers. He also is the language expert of the lands, and some consider him mentally the child of the land even though he is the same age as our king.

13. GodZeller- Our Correspondent from across the seas, he is fairly new following Cavaliers, but his passion is there, he comes every once but when he does he tells it like it is, and comes with a bang.

14.Spamlet-The Local drama Queen, he has many years of experience in the theater(even though he is the only one who goes, and performs)

15.Luke Williams and Harold Ramis- the two newest troublemakers of FTS they where once highly respected, but there causing of a lot of arguments throughout the land has changed many opinions of them.

The Trolls



The biggest non foreign enemies of the land, they come and raid our stock and supplies, and cause all out havoc every few days. If Xfl2001fan can't handle a troll then the BanHammer shall be laid.These are the main ones

1.Polomontania- The once most fiercest troll of the land, he caused so much havoc that The King had to lay the deadly banhammer on him, and he has never been seen here again(but he is still around in other land.

2.CleCavsOutsider- When this troll comes around all he does is talk and talk and talk, he has destroyed so many good homes due to his talking, but he hasn't done enough to deserve the banhammer.

3.Analytics- The new king of the trolls in our land. He only shows up when we are suffering greatly, and tries to tell us all his beliefs are right without a doubt, he doesn't listen to any reason but his own. He thinks he is the smartest and greatest, but Prince Zavac has us ignore him so his will doesn't consume our rage.

4.Nichoals Cage-Local Celebrity, has a fondness for Bees, fell to troll status after insulting one of our Holy Prophets, Luke Walton.

5. Billy Swift- He was around for a short time but faced the mighty Banhammer

6.lvegas777- This Troll has a personal grudge against this writer for some reason

The Fallen- The townspeople we have lost.

1.John34-The once Hero of FTS he is the reason many of us came, but he fell in battle when his beloved moved to his enemy and he left in search of a way to bring them back.

2.JayXStokes- A normal townsperson, but he ran away for town after we constantly made fun of his favorite Cavalier Deity Daniel Gibson

3.More later

In Conclusion-

Test drive.....

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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