Trade For Love & Sign Smith

In my last post I presented a scenario revolving around the Cavs use of the Princeton offense next year. With the hire of Igor Kokoskov, it's appears that the Cavs will be using an offense revolving around pick and rolls. In light of that, I offer the following scenario as a way to acquire the best personnel to fit the system.

1. Trade for Kevin Love: Love benefits from the pick and roll four different ways: when he is setting the screen, he can be fed off the roll, can pick and pop, or be in a strong offensive rebounding position off the roll. Even if he's not the setting the screen, he will be positioned for an open 3 if his defender cheats off of him to help. Cavs could trade Tristan Thompson, Alonzo Gee, CJ Miles, 2013 #1 overall and one of their three possible #1 picks next year for Love. (I've tried, the salaries are close enough for the deal to work). I also thought about the possibility of Zeller, but think it should be either Zeller or a 2014 1st rounder, but not both. If I'm the Wolves, I make this deal, then draft Ben McLemore with the #1 overall (based on their needs), Dario Saric with #9 pick, resign Pekovic for 4 years and AK 47 for two. Then my roster looks like this :

PG: Rubio, Barea, Shved

SG: McLemore, CJ Miles, Rindour

SF: Kirilenko, Gee, Saric

PF: T. Thompson/D. Williams

C: Pekovic/Steimsma

I think the only way they go the Noel route is if they can't resign Pekovic at the price they want and then they will need Zeller until Noel is healthy, and even then, they will need consistent minutes behind Noel. But all in all, this is an upgrade to their current roster.

2. Sign Josh Smith to play SF: Josh Smith formed a deadly pick and roll combo with Jeff Teague in ATL. Best starting SF available in free agency. Solid rebounder. Can play PF in a pinch. Also averages 4 assists a game.

3. Draft Jeff Withey with #19 overall pick: Those who think the Cavs should take Noel point to his 4 blocks a game over his 24 game career. Withey had 3.8 blocks over a period of about 80 games. He also was used in pick and rolls at Kansas. This also makes trading Zeller less painful of that's what Minnesota wants.

4. Picks #31 & 33: I think there are three different holes two of which could be filled by these two picks. First is a 3 point shooting SF to provide a contrast to Josh Smith. If Reggie Bullock is available at 31, he would fill that role nicely. Bullock is rated as the 27th best player and I've seen him in the bottom of the 1st round in some mock drafts, but if he's available he shot over 43% from 3 point range while taking over 200 of them this past year at UNC. The Cavs could also use a back up PG to develop behind Kyrie. Isaiah Canaan thrived in a pick and roll heavy offense at Murray State. He is a bit small at exactly 6-0 so he'll still probably be on the board by the early second round. Grant Jerrett is a stretch 4 who is a good ball handler and passer and can shoot the 3 to be developed behind Love.

5. Free Agents: Re-Sign Livingston and Ellington. Sign veteran SF & PF like Kyle Korver and Rashard Lewis.

The roster would look like:

PG: Irving, Livingston, Canaan

SG: Waiters, Ellington

SF: Smith, Korver

PF: Love, Lewis, Jerrett

C: Varejao, Withey, Zeller.

I think there are a lot of options out there at back up SF like Barnes or Ariza. Smith can play time at PF, so the backup would get good minutes.

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