So About This Draft

With great power comes great responsibility.

Near the end of the season once it became clear the Cavs would probably be picking somewhere between 1 and 7 I knew things would get heated as to who we believe the Cavs would/ should draft. Opinions would vary based on how each person thinks our current building blocks are preforming, where the greatest position of need is and how the best way to go about solving that issue would be.

I thought things would be a lot clearer once we got the first pick and we could avoid notions of drafting players at positions we've already addressed like at shooting guard but of course that has not been the case.

I'm of the opinion that you should always draft the best player available and when two are close and it's tough to see who exactly is the best player then you'd pick the one that best addresses an area of need. This is an odd draft because there is no clear cut superstar. Each "top player" has areas of concern that nobody can know for certain whether or not those issues will be cleared up once they make the NBA.

Nerlens Noel - Torn ACL, a long way to go on offense (nerve-wracking)

Alex Len - Stress Fracture in his foot (terrifying)

Ben McLemore - Questionable aggression, great attitude but might not have the mental willpower to reach his max. (one of my least favorite things to have to deal with in a player)

Anthony Bennett - Doesn't have a position.

Otto Porter - Not athletic

The list goes on and on but one thing that we need to remember is that whiffing on this pick does not doom the franchise. We certainly weren't expecting this high of a pick at the start of the year and due to the way the roster was formed, injuries, and tanking we got a higher pick than we probably deserved. Nobody thought that we were going to be able to add a big time impact player in this draft and nobody thought we were doomed or unable to contend in the next 3-4 years due to this fact so if we don't hit a home run here I do not believe that it will send us in the opposite direction as a franchise.

What I would say is it was a MASSIVE missed opportunity to add a potential big time player to this roster. There's no risk free pick in this years draft but it's clear the one with the most upside is Nerlens Noel who simply fits our needs perfectly if he becomes what he's projected to become. We could draft him, he plays injury free and still becomes a bust relative to where he's picked but you can say that about every player in this draft. He's worth the risk and I don't believe it's a life or death issue whether or not he pans out.

If we were to draft let's say Alex Len or Otto Porter and they become a valuable piece to this team and a bonafide starter in this league and Noel never reaches his potential I'd still say at the time the right pick still would have been Noel even though it worked out better this way just because we had the chance to add something really special that you can't get anywhere but the draft. Nothing we do here dooms us but the road becomes much more difficult if we don't take advantage of the situation we've had fall into our laps.


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