The Real Outlook On Our Team & The Future

I think when you talk about championships and winning the eastern conference you have to think about who your actually going to do that with and when your going to do it. If any of you believe that in three years we can win the whole thing with the current core we have now, your wrong and doing yourselves no good at all.

If you want any of these things to be a possibility you have to make the playoffs next year, which honestly in the eastern conference is not that hard. We're so damn lucky we don't play in the WC. With that being said you have to look at the players in the draft and the free agent class, to get a grasp on how that can be possible.

Nerlens Noel- I go to UK, I know how much of a freak he is on D and how athletic he is, I watched every game and know everything there is to know about him. Why all of you absolutely love him, I have no idea. His game on the other side of the ball is horrible and he cannot make a jump shot outside of 7 feet. As far as post play goes, it revolves mainly around dunks and tip ins. His shooting form is horrendous and I can tell you, even if he would have been healthy our team still would have had a horrible year. I know he changes the game on D, and that may have been good enough for college, but it wont be in the NBA and it sure as hell wont be for the Cavs,

Otto Porter- The guy is a SOLID basketball player. But he won't get us over the hump to make the playoffs, just wont happen. He can do just about everything, but he doesn't always do it to a point where it changes games. I know he fills a need, but you should never draft that way. You have to take the best player.

Enter Ben Mac-

Best player in the draft. Hands down. Can do it all. Not only will his game complement Kyrie well, but it will complement the team good as well. Dion moves to the 6th man, and you have a three guard rotation. This is the best possible scenario and OKC proved it could work when they had James Harden. I know this kid is good enough to help this team reach it's goal.

If we make the playoffs, we're on the right track. Free agents will want to play here and the goal of reaching a championship will happen. One of those guys may be a guy we all know very well.

Don't over think it. When his contract expires in a year down in MIA, he is going to strongly consider it. Why wouldn't he want to go play somewhere were he can paid a ton and play with another all star at the same time. What OTHER team can offer LeBron as much money as we can and say they have a top 15 player on their roster as well? No one but the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The rebuilding phase is in it's last year. It's time to make the playoffs.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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