3 Free Agents for each position we should (atleast) look at this off-season

Seems like all the upcoming focus is on the draft, who we should or shouldn't draft, where we can trade with blah blah blah, so its about time we take a look at the free agency class of this coming off-season and three players we should take a look at each position.


Shaun Livingston

Alright lets be serious, i am not going to throw around stats, numbers etc, we all know how good Shaun Livingston is for this squad. He isn’t Kyrie Irving, but he brings a certain demeanour to this squad, he has a determination and gritty nature to him. He has great size for the position, and has plenty athleticism. He is more of a natural point guard than Irving, and it helps the team when Irving isn’t on the floor. His injury troubles seem to be behind him, and to top it all off he is only 27! Sign him up now!

Chauncey Billups

We have such a great young core, and everyone says it, we need a veteran on this squad. Who better than Chauncey Billups? Im not sure if anyone saw him on ESPN First Take the other day, but he is still content on playing, he said he would love to be a coach one day, and that kind of mentality could really help guide our young core. Oh and not to mention he is one of the best spot up shooters in the league. I don’t see him wanting to come to a team like Cleveland, but I think a bit of effort on our part is worthwhile.

Patty Mills

This is probably one of the more unrealistic of the options, but hear me out. I am an Australian guy, specifically Melbourne, and I have seen Patty Mills play in person. He has more ability than just waving around a towel. In the 2012 Olympics he had the highest points average of 21.2 behind Kevin Durant who had 19.5. He is capable of scoring well into the 30’s and averaged over 10PPG two seasons ago. He has a Player option for next season of 1.1mil, if he chooses not to take it, we should seriously pursue him.


Tony Allen

Oh oh oh, please please god let this happen! He is the one guy on this list that we have to sign! He is a leader, he is a defender, and I am confident Mike Brown would give his left testicle to have Allen on this squad. I think everyone knows we should have him on this squad, I feel no need to elaborate.

Wayne Ellington

This team needs shooters, we all know it. And Ellington is a shooter, he has shown his value to this squad. Averaged over 10PPG after joining us, he is cheap as hell, and he is still only 25 (wait what? 25 really!) And can you believe we only gave up Jon Leuer to get this guy?

JJ Redick

I'm not going to say it again, we need shooters. And this boy is 39% for his career from beyond the arch. Averaged up to 15PPG before getting traded. I love his attitude, he has a real professional approach that would be gold to our youngsters. He is a veteran of the league but only 28 years old. This would be a wise target for us, but it would take a quite a bit out of the salary cap.


Dorell Wright

Everyone has seen this name being thrown around this site and many otheers, he is hot property in this free agent market, probably the bargain of this class. He has great size and length for the position. Has a great defensive hustle that Mike Brown would love. And I do believe once upon a time he was hailed as one of the best catch and shoot guys in the league. Sign him and me up!

Andre Iguodala

Alright I am not on the Iguodala bandwagon. But if I am to take Dan Gilbert's word that we are going to playoffs next season, he must be considered. Some may argue that he is a shooting guard, but he would fit in to our gapping SF spot so beautifully. He isn't the best shooter, nor the best points getter, but he is as athletic as anyone, and has great defence. Runs the fast break as good a anyone in the league and can average 2 steals per game. Only thing is he may very well command a near a max contract, and I doubt he would come to Cleveland

Martell Webster

6ft 7, 42% 3 point shooter, easy on the cap contract, 26 years old. 34pts against Phoenix this season off the bench! Keep an eye out for this name! I like this kid


David West

This like Iguodala is not someone I am really content on chasing, but if we are a playoff team next season, David West is someone we have to look at. As Stephen A Smith would say 'this boy has muscles on muscles'. He has a great post up game, nice mid range game, and he is a banger under the boards and bruises his opponents. He is a nice player and signing him wouldn't be the worst thing for the franchise

Carl Landry

He has one of the most confusing a at the same time beautiful post games in the NBA, he has the knack to just get the shot to go. He has the mid range shot, so he won't be clogging the paint for Irving or Waiters. Power forward is not a position that we particularly need help in, but this would be a nice addition to our ranks who can get buckets.

Dejuan Blair

Everyone needs a player like this. A lot similar to David West in ways, big boy who can bang under the boards. Only difference is he is only 24, at a fraction of the cost. He would not pose an immediate threat to Tristan Thompson as the starting PF, but he would still get good minutes and add something to this team.


JJ Hickson

Did I really just say that name? Yes I did. This is going under the assumption we do not draft Noel. Zeller isn't a NBA starter, and Varajao needs a drop in minutes. JJ Hickson can take those minutes and create a solid centre rotation. Granted he is a bit small for the centre position, but we know what he can do. He can get boards, and is capable of providing a rim presence (not the best, but we could do worse). He is quick, athletic for the 5 spot and is only 24. I would welcome him back.

Greg Oden

Am I really going there? Oh yes I am. I will only be fine with this if he meets with our doctors, and we are confident that he can play, and he is willing to take a reasonable contract, its a low risk high reward scenario, why would we not look at him?

Al Jefferson

The centre position in this draft is arguably the weakest of this class, if you want to protect your pocket. And that is what I have been looking at. Unless we want to splash the cash on Howard, Pekovic, or dare I say it Andrew Bynum, Al Jefferson is probably the best one of the group worth digging deep for.

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