5 Questions the Cavs need to answer before the draft.

So the more info comes out the more I'm confused about what the Cavs should do in the draft. However below is what I hope are five questions that they should be asking to make progress towards finding the next building blocks for the team.

1. Who is Nerlens Noel(and who will he be)?:
This question might be the only one that ends up mattering. The Cavs need to sort through quite a big of conflicting information on him, his injury, and his abilities to figure this out. Everyone has plenty of insight into both his strengths and weaknesses already so I won't waste time reiterating them, but I think the consensus is that if Noel can stay healthy and is the person that Calapari says he is, then he's a franchise player and we need to draft him. However those are two if's that have been questioned from a medical, character, and basketball skills standpoint. Hopefully CG and company put on their Scooby Doo pants and get to the bottom of this mystery.

2. How bad were Alex Len's guards at Maryland?:
Len's measurables, and skill set are that of a #1. His production is that of a non lottery pick (especially that post up data). Len proponents have been quick to explain his deficiencies as a result of crappy guard play in Terpville. They say it led to him being underutilized, and less effective in the post than he should have been. If we decide there are too many flags with Noel, Len (on paper) is the closest thing to a protypical center, I didn't watch Maryland have enough to make the call but its possible his guards/system limited him, and he'll become a great two way player at the 5, however its also possible that he never fulfills his potential even with great guards. I really wish I had the answer.

3. Is Otto Porter a rich man's Tayshaun Prince, or a poor man's Paul George and whats the difference?:
Watching Paul George develop into a top tier SF made me legitimately excited to have Porter on our team. I know he's not the athlete George is, but he supposedly has the length, shooting, and passing to do everything but George's highlight dunks. If that's the case he's probably the best player in the draft. I've gone back and forth on this guy all year and I've come to the conclusion whoever gets him will have a productive starter and at worst a 3D guy, but will have to live with the fact that if he's a slightly better version of Tayshaun Prince at the #1, expectations might derail his career before it starts. I think that is the real difference between the two scenarios are how Porter would deal with pressure and expectations put on him, the Pacers were able to bring George along relatively slowly but Porter might not have the luxury.

4. What does each wing bring to the table?:
So McElmore brings shooting, athleticism, potentially defense, questions about his motor, (potentially) great defense, and that weird little dance he does in the lockeroom. Oladipo brings athleticisim,(potentially) good shooting, hustle play and transition skills, and a crazy motor. I see Oladipo's skill set being such that we could play him with Kyrie, Dion, or both.(for limited minutes at first but more frequently if he develops into the stopper people think he'll be) Ultimately I like McElmore and think he's the favorite for R.O.Y. but as Alonzo said in Training Day, 'This shit's chess. It ain't checkers.' so it would be short sighted to just grab a guy with their rookie season in mind. Oladipo could grow into the Swiss Army knife we need at the wing to compliment Kyrie and Dion so I can't see a scenario where McElmore should be the pick over Oladipo. I guess someone else will have to lead the lockeroom dancing.

5.Who's available at 19?:
Its a fool's error to let the 19th pick should dictate the #1, BUT I was trying to think of players who might be around and how they stack up to potential #1's and it clarified value of potential #1's for me. Example: Is it possible that Kelly Olynk will be better than Noel? If Noel is healthly I would say that's got less than a 5% chance of happening..... However I would say Sergei Karasev might have a 25% chance of having a better career than Porter. So by this I would deem Noel is a better risk than Porter. Anyways its kind of backwards logic but I think it shows upside and positional value create some sort of order. Essentially there aren't too many game changers at 19 but there are guys who could be good starters so the #1 should have a much better best case scenario (at least in my mind).

So I guess to recap: I'm pretty lost on where the Cavs are and as a result I'm just trying to learn as much as possible about potential picks and think rationally when it comes to roster building. Hopefully Grant and Gilbert walk away from interviews and workouts with the answers to these and other questions. Please let me know what you guys think they should be asking/ taking from the interviews and workouts.

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