Noel, McLemore, Porter, and Len Scenarios



And here we have it- were a little over a week away from the drat and about two from the July 1 free agency period. Talks are heating up, promises are being made, speculations are being speculations, and the Cavs are on the clock. Well, officially they have been on the clock side Nick Gilbert raised his hand for the No.1 Overall pick and Machine Gun Kelly grabbed Dan Gilbert’s arm in joy and excitement-bow ties and all. The Cavs were momentarily happy with the selection, and then reality set in. There are no clear-cut Blake Griffins, Lebrons, or Kyrie’s. No prospect solidified himself as the No. 1. Yet, on lottery night, the Gilberts made it clear that this is the "last time" they will be in the lottery "for a long time" 512x_medium


So now, they are on the clock and the pressure is mounting. Rumors are flying about Kevin Love, Aldridge, Dallas’ 13th pick, Marion, Granger, and many other scenarios. All differ and have varying degrees of potential with this current Cavs roster molded around a core of Dion, Kyrie and Tristan. (And to a lesser extent, Andy V)

That said, I’m going to offer some quick predictions in the case of all potential top 4 picks the Cavs are rumored to have interest in. The common picks thrown around are Noel, McLemore, Porter, and Len. Various trades with Dallas may be used as well as signings and cuts in the scenarios to build a playoff team.

I’m going to through in a Demarcus Cousins kicker at the bottom as well because, in all honesty, I think it would be a ideal scenario.

Let’s start, shall we?

First Up: Nerlens Noel



The big man from Kentucky who averaged 10ppg+9rpg in his freshman season before tearing his ACL. He was a standout defender and likely on the way to challenging or potentially breaking Anthony Davis’ blocking record. He was a freak of an athlete with a haircut that could be marketed a number of ways. He hoped like a kangaroo and ran the floor like a spindly cheetah. Once the ACL tear happened, he wasn’t the "sure-fire" No. 1 anymore, with good reason. ACL’s are hard to recover from, regardless of what Adrian Peterson and Ricky Rubio have showed us. To their argument, Peterson doesn’t have to jump and Rubio is a finesse point gaurd. Explosive Basketball players, that hop like they are on springs-Rondo/Rose-are taking their time with their injuries. What does this mean for a bouncing, blocking big man in Nerlens? A lot. Will his explosiveness return? Who knows, but here is a scenario for the Cavs drafting him:

1st Pick: Noel

19th Pick: Trade to Indiana with CJ Miles for Danny Granger

Trade 31+33 to OKC for 29th pick and Hasheem Thabeet

Resign Ellington, Speights, and Livingston

  • Kyrie/Livingston
  • Dion/Ellington
  • Granger/Gee/Thomas
  • Thompson/Speights/AV
  • AV/Zeller/Noel/Thabeet

Best Case Scenario: AV stays healthy, Noel gets decent time after December, Dion+Thompson Makes Strides, Granger misses 18 games. Cavs get 7th Seed in the Playoffs.

Worst Case Scenario: AV and Granger stay unhealthy. Thomas joins D-League, Noel doesn’t recover well from tear.

Next Up: McLemore



This PICTURE makes me want to draft him!!

Everyone seems to be down on this pick because the Cavs selected Dion last year at No. 4. This makes this selection seem immediately like a replacement. I don’t think that will be the case. This will just add firepower to our backcourt. There were talks last year that Dion and Kyrie will be a future tandem to reckon with, well add McLemore to that fold and it gets much more potent. He averaged 15ppg+5asp in his lone year with Kansas and that should translate well to the NBA given his size. Does he get the start over Dion? It depends on how he develops defensively in Mike Browns system.

No. 1 Pick: McLemore

Tell Dallas to Draft Steven Adams at 13 and then trade them Luke Walton’s expiring and our 31st+33rd in this year’s draft.

19th Pick-Trade to Indiana along with CJ Miles for Danny Granger.

Resign Ellington, and Speights.

  • Kyrie/Ellington
  • Dion/McLemore
  • Granger/Gee
  • Thompson/Speights/Jones
  • AV/Adams/Zeller

BCS: Everyone stays healthy and plays at LEAST 65 games. Cavs grab 6th Seed in NBA Playoffs and oust the ATL Hawks in first round before losing to the No. 2 Seeded Pacers.

WCS: Bad health and McLemore doesn’t pick up on Mike Brown’s Defensive scheme. No playoffs but outside of the lottery.

Third a go: Otto Porter



I recently read an article that said Otto Porter was "born to play basketball". Another article said is he a rich man’s Tayshawn Prince or a poor man’s Paul George? Those are two good comparisons in my opinion, poor or rich. Porter has tremendous upside and an uncanny ability to cover a lot of ground in a quick and efficient manner. The only knock on Porter is what he brings offensively/defensively. We see an overall great player, but he has no real strong suits. With Noel we expect defense, with McLemore it’s offense and with Len it would be rebounding with a soft touch. But Porter? What exaclty is he? That’s the case in point, he is a great player. Like Tayshawn and George. Prince has showed sparks of defense-clearly what he’s known for- and offense. George is a do it all player who will be in contention for MVP in the next two years. The question is can Porter fit the same mold as either one of these players? Plus, he did average 16ppg+7asp+1.5rpg. That’s an all-around player right there.

No. 1 Pick: Porter

No. 19 Pick: Dennis Schroeder

No. 31+33 Traded for Future Picks

Sign Al Jefferson, Kyle Korver, and Speights

  • Kyrie/Schroeder
  • Dion/Korver/CJ Miles
  • Porter/Gee/Walton
  • Thompson/Speights/AV
  • Al Jefferson/AV/Zeller

BCS: Everyone stays healthy and Al Jeff averages 18ppg and 9rpg along with Thompson’s 14ppg and 12rpg. Cavs make the 6th Seed in the playoffs.

WCS: Al gets injured and were back to muddling around with a developing rookie while Kyrie looks like an all-star.

Fourth Times the Charm!: Alex Len



This guy, this is the guy I like. With college averages of 11ppg+7rpb and his schooling of Noel, I think he may be beneficial to us for the long term. A steady guy at the 5 who can develop to the next Marcin Gortat-like scoring post player. Maybe even Peckovic if he gets large enough. I don’t project him turning into a wimp like Nick Collison, but maintaining his edge and excelling as an offensive scorer and rebounder. When I watch him play, I personally see a Pau Gasol type player in the making.

No. 1 Pick: Alex Len

Trade 31st+33rd+ORL 2nd Rounder in 2014 to Dallas for the 13th pick. Select Shabazz Muhammed.

Trade the 19th and CJ Miles to Indiana for Granger.

Resign Livingston, Ellington. Sign JJ Reddick and Greg Oden.

  • Kyrie/Livingston
  • Dion/Reddick/Muhammed
  • Granger/Gee/Muhammed
  • Thompson/AV/Zeller/Jones
  • Len/AV/Oden/Zeller

BCS: Cavs improve defensively and offensively with Reddick, Len, and Muhammed. Greg Oden plays 54 games and returns to "semi-form" Cavs get 5th seed in playoffs thanks to D and offense by Kyrie/Granger/Dion/Reddick/Len/Muhammed. Tristan averages double-digit rebounds.

WCS: Too many players who need the ball. Mike Brown doesn’t take advantage of Offensive players, scoring doesn’t happen.

And the Kicker: Demarcus Cousins



Cavs Trade down with Sacramento while inheriting John Salmons’ hideous contract for the No. 1 pick. Sacramento selects Nerlens and the Cavs nab Demarcus Cousins and the 7th Pick.

7th Pick-Anthony Bennett comes to Cleveland

19th Pick-Tony Mitchell Too!

Trade 31st+33rd with Dallas for OJ Mayo’s contract.

Extend Mayo, Resign Ellington, Livingston.

  • Kyrie/Livingston
  • Dion/Mayo
  • Gee/Salmons/Bennett
  • Thompson/Bennett/Mitchell
  • Demarcus/AV/Zeller

BCS: Cousins grows up and Bennett develops at the 3 over the course of the year. Cavs have offensive firepower and defense comes "along" as the year progresses.

WCS: Salmons is wasted money, Cousins gets 20 technical’s, Mitchell looks inept, and Bennett seems to want to out develop Tristan.


While some are stronger than others, I do believe that all of these scenarios would get the Cavs on the right path while still having a little wiggle-room for 2014 to sign additional players. Kyrie will be Kyrie but I think the real improvement will come from Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller. People are overlooking Tyler Zeller. He has a decent jump shot and he just needs to get stronger. Look at his games from Indiana this past year. When he’s comfortable, he’s really good. He averaged more ppg than Peckovic and Gortat in their Rookie seasons as well. Dion should up his numbers to about 18ppg, maybe a little lower if the Cavs opt for McLemore.

Feel free to chime in!

Can’t wait for draft night. IF I could I’d round all of the Cavs fans up and get them to the Q!



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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