Trading the #1 pick . . to get an All-Star

Just to preface this, I'm a longtime Atlanta Hawks fan. Right now, we have more cap room to sign one or two top level free agents in free agency this year. And we all know who the big targets are . . Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. But what happens if we fail to secure these guys? Do we sign 2nd tier free agents? Or do we just try to be bad next year to get in the Lottery.

Or do we talk to Cleveland, and see if they want to make a deal.

While I'm the type of fan that would look at those 2nd tier guys and add them to the team, a lot in our fan base feel that we need to be bad for a few years, in order to get a shot at a high lottery pick. According to them, we need that "engine", that superstar, to build around.

They fully believe that the "middle" of the playoff pack is the worst place to be. Good enough to be a top 10 - 16 team, but have no shot to advance to the Conference Finals. They would honestly be where you guys are right now, than to be where we could potentially be, if we lost out on Dwight or Chris.

You guys have gone through 3 years of hell since Lebron left. But you have also been blessed with two opportunities to get the #1 pick. The first time, you made the right choice by selecting Kyrie over Derrick Williams ( what a disaster that would've been ). Now you have an opportunity to have the #1 pick again. But what if a team is interested in sending you an All-Star for that pick and fillers?

So let's cut to the chase.

Al Horford probably has one of the best contracts in the league for a guy who is a veteran player. He's making 12 million a year for the next 3 years. And he's arguably a top 25 player in the league. But he's not a superstar, or an "engine". He's more like the "body of a car".

If Danny Ferry and the Hawks truly think they need high draft picks in order to have a better shot to find that "engine", would you Cavs fans be down for a deal like this.

Al Horford . . . for the #1 pick, Tristan Thompson, Wayne Ellington and the Cavs 2nd round pick ( 2013 ) - the #31 pick.

For the Hawks, it's going to the bottom of the basement, with hopes of building the team around a plethora of young players like Thompson, John Jenkins, our other two mid-1st round picks, and whomever the Hawks target as their "engine" at #1.

For the Cavs, it's giving you an All-Star player that could potentially form one of the best frontlines in the league with Varejao and Horford, and most important, propel you into the playoffs IMMEDIATELY. And you'd still have cap space to add a few more decent players to strengthen the team.

Acquiring Horford also gives Kyrie maybe the best possible Pick and Roll and Pick and Pop PF in the league. Horford was made to play in that type of offense. And unlike Blake Griffin, he can knock down the 17 foot jumper at a high rate.

So the question is this . . .

Are Cavs fans now at the point in their rebuild, that they want to make the playoffs NOW by acquiring good veteran players? Or do you want to continue to build your foundation through young players? If you are in a "win now" mode, would you take that deal?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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