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A while ago I created a post that defended the notion of selecting Alex Len over Nerlens Noel. This was based on the precedent that we have Dion Waiters, Kyrie Irving, and Tristan Thompson all as top 5draft choices. I believe two out of the three will be max extensions, one for sure. (guess who)

I argued that, to avoid running into OKC’s issues and having to trade players to be flexible, we need to select a Center that is low profile has high upside and abilities but wont command a Max contract. I received a considerable amount of scrutiny for this post as it was perceived as say "Take the player with less ability because he would be cheaper". I defended this as well because that’s not what I was getting at.

My post highlighted the continuation of flexibility within our organization.

The reason I’m making this post is because of this blurb below found on realGM:

DeMarcus Cousins reportedly wants a maximum contract extension from the Sacramento Kings.

Cousins is eligible for an extension this summer, and his agent, Dan Fegan, is angling for a max offer with the threat of a trade demand if a deal isn't reached.

Barring an agreement, Fegan has instructed Cousins not to speak on anything relating to the Kings team, management or ownership.

Cousins declined to comment when asked about the Kings’ new ownership group, which is headed by Vivek Ranadive.

Via Jason Jones/Sacramento Bee

This is my case with Nerlens Noel and Andrew Bynum. Even if these guys don’t play up to their potential or have litany of ejections and emotional/medical issues, they will Command a Max contract. Why? Because of the word "potential". The NBA and its fans have a fixation on athletic bigs and believe that all of them will amount to the next Dwight Howard or ShaQ. This is not the case. I think that only Hibbert, Lopez, and Dwight are in such a category. But teams muddling for that next superstar will throw out MAX cash for the Bynums, Gortat’s, Asik, Aldridge’s, and other players that do not deserve it. This is because big men are rare.
My argument is that if we draft Len, 1st overall or trading down, he will be more flexible to manage when his contract time comes up. He is two years behind Thompson and Irving and one year behind Waiters.

At some point these things will overlap and we will be forced to trade one of our top 5 draft picks if the pick is Noel and he commands a max contract, still based on his "upside". Meanwhile, Len can get a nice Gortat-like contract, or what Peck is about to receive, and we could still conceivably hold on to Waiters, Irving, and Thompson. Think about Memphis’ structure; Conley, Gay, Gasol, and Randolph could have all be kept.

The problem Is, they bought into Gasol too early and maxed him out, so Gay had to go. Along with a decent amount of other players. We don’t want to fall into this type of situation if we believe in the trio of Dion, Thompson, and Irving.

If we believe any of them are expendable, then go ahead and Draft Noel because, eventually, you’ll be trading one of these four players. With Len, you could keep all four. Again, these are just my opinions and I have no idea what they will do in the draft. Hell, the Cavs may be the team that throws the max at Boogie themselves!

I sure I will be happy with whatever outcome.

Go Cavs!

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