Chris Grant - Expect the Unexpected

Ok so we've all heard the rumours, "We're taking Len", "Marion and 13 for 19", "The truth is coming to town". They all sound very valid at first, all have relevant arguments and whether you like them or not, make sense in their own way....

But that isn't how Chrissy boy does his business. How many of you saw Hickson for Casspi coming, or the great Jon Leuer for the Memphis bench. Ok put your hands down, no one saw that stuff coming. So here's three far out trades you wont find on ESPN or twitter that our main man might just cook up on draft day and surprise the world, and be nice predicting crazy is the essence of this post.....

Ditching Dion
Cavs select Oldaipo/Mackelmore at #1 overall and trade Waiters, #19, Sacra pick for Batum and #10. Draft Cody or Adams if Cody aint there to potentially complete a 'fearsome' Zeller combination in the post.
I love my boy Dion and hope this would never happen.

Mikey Brown Wants some Defense Cavs send CJ Miles, Anderson Varejao, 2014 first, 2016 first to OKC for Kendrick Perkins, Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefalosha. Gives OKC a much cheaper alternative to KMart and gives them some cap flexibility to put players they want around their stars.
If this goes down I don't even know what I'd do

Hail Mary Number 1 pick trade, Bring the Rain
Cavs send #1, #19, #31, #33, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, collection of future first rounders, a 10% share of Dan Gilbert's casino to Pelican city for Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers. Yes Austin Rivers. I think they might like to take the opportunity to separate themselves from that woefully woeful decision.

Some pretty ridonk stuff there, but lets be honest, that's how Chris Grant does business. Feel free to leave your own wonky predictions that no one will ever see coming, and who knows you may earn yourself some serious bragging rights come Friday. Enjoy!

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