There's a lot of smoke and mirrors out there, but one things for sure the Cavs want out of the 1 pick, cant blame them - anybody would. Being that its the first pick it puts the cavs in the drivers seat but their perceived value of the pick is not being reciprocated.

The cavs would LOVE Aldridge, perfect match with Kyrie but he's already paired up with Damian Lillard and the blazers will not break that up.How about Kevin Love? Same situation, the wolves already have him paired up with Rubio.

Now there's been talk that these two guys might want to leave their current teams, so maybe the teams want to get some value in return? All that is speculation because neither team has agreed to the trade.

So the Cavs have to make a decision? They are NOT going to draft a big with knee issues ( Noel ) given the track record (Oden, Bynum) and they are definitely not drafting Alex Len with the #1 pick, that's like spending $500,000 on a Benz, Bentley - Yes. When you look at it the cavs have pretty decent bigs, Varejao is a monster and thompson is coming along though undersized for a PF he's better than say a Chris Bosh who just chugs up jump shots like a 2 guard,besides who needs bigs to win these days huh? Just ask the miami heat. But there is a need at SF - the guys in the cavs front office are realizing the big splash of Aldridge / Love probably wont happen - but they can still set up something special. Adding Nic Batum is very doable so why dont we address our SF need once for all? Yes he's not LeBron but who is and he definitely makes this team better both offensively and defensively - and we have the cap space to do it. The possibility of Kyrie, Waiters, Batum, Thompson, and Varejao might be too good to pass up. Quite frankly its probably the best option out there.

Look for it to happen:


CAVS: Nic Batum + 10 overall pick + (Wes Matthews / Leonard)

BLAZERS: #1 + #19 pick


CAVS: Nic Batum

BLAZERS: #1 pick

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