Hmmmmm...Could It Be?

I'm sitting there at 730pm waiting for the Cavs to make the first pick. Waiting for the Cavs to pull off a stunner of a Trade. Waiting for Noels' high-top to grace the stage. All while being prepared for the shock of a McLemore or Oladipo. What does Chris Grant do? He selects Anthony Bennett.

Jaw dropped.

Then I saw him walk to the stage and I suddenly remembered watching some Footage of him a while back. You know, before we allowed all of the rumors to convince us that we were talking Noel or Len. I remembered that footage. That comparison to Larry Johnson. The dunks and the jumpshots. The blocks and the assists. By the time Nerlens got drafted I felt at ease. I think Chris Grant did the right thing. He sought talent, not hype. I like that thinking.

I wanted Nerlens. I wanted a Trade for Cousins. I wanted a safe pick in Len. I wanted McLemore. I thought about Oladipo, briefly. All of those wants and thoughts ran through my mind as I watched Bennett walk on stage and they walked right out of my mind. I think we all wanted Bennett. We just didn't know it. Hear me out:

We wanted talent and not a flash in the pan. Check.

We wanted a good kid with no attitude. Check.

We wanted someone to help us progress. Check.

We wanted someone to add to he roster. Check.

With that being said, I believe Bennett is a 3. He'll play the 4 in spurts, but he'll start at the 3 for the Cavs. I believe this because Grant said "He is a Power Forward". Grant's a liar and the ultimate bluffer. Tristan is our PF and Grant knows it.

This draft showed me 3 things.

1: Bennett will be our 6-8/250lbs Small Forward in Mike Browns Defensive System. (Sound familiar?) He can pass, he blocks and rebounds at a high rate. And he's Athletic, as hell. (He's a little chubby now, but so was Dion) This Also may mean that the Cavs are finally moving away from the "2014 LeBron James comes home" theory. One that we continue to drudge up without any indication that its possible. Something weve done before and got our little feelings hurt. Learn and move on.

2. The Cavs didn't take a Center. This was very interesting to me. The Cavs must really really believe in Andy, which i'm fine with especially in MB's system. The other thing is this hints the Cavs may be looking to bring Al Jefferson, Horford, Bynum, Splitter, or Pecovick to Cleveland in the coming days. And that's a notion I cant disagree with. With all of the questions surrounding Noel and Len, Jefferson and Bynum are proven Centers. Jefferson especially makes my ears perk up. Bynum is a big question mark but i'd take him in a heartbeat and wouldn't think twice about Noel or Len.

3. Dion Waiters is a Starter. And I love that. He should be and he will make an All-Star Team. Before Bradley, before Butler, before Turner, and other SGs in the East. Especially with the declines of Joe Johnson, Henderson, and Wade.

Cavs made the right moves.

Noel fell and got traded for a reason.

Len may be the next Meyers Leonard.

McLemore will implode in Sacramento-I feel sorry for him. I can sense a scuffle between him and Cousins already.

Oladipo's personality is bigger than his game. And that's saying a lot.

They said we should have taken Dwill over 11-game-Kyrie. Wrong.

They said we reached on Tristan. The players after Tristan prove that was the wrong prediction, save for Kawhi Leonard.

They said we reached on Dion. Barnes looks good, I agree, but Dion made more strives than that kid. He just happened to be the stater on a Playoff Team.

Bennett's our guy and i'm hoping we can sign Bynum or Jefferson.

In the East a Kyrie, Dion, Bennett, TT, Bynum/Big Al starting 5 will get you a top 5 seed. Easy. With shooters and rebounder's on the bench. I'd take that over a 3 year development period of a Noel or Len. Seriously.

I say Benettt will win ROY.

Love the pick. Love the Cavs.

On a side note, didn't we ALL know Deshaun Thomas would end up on the Spurs? Hahahahahhaha Good ol Pop.

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