Trade for the Mavs' 13th Overall Pick?

I recently posed a question regarding who the Cavs would start at SF if they did draft Noel with #1 overall pick. I was thoroughly dissatisfied with the suggestions: (1) keep Miles & Gee; (2) sign one of numerous sub par free agents (Budinger, Dorrell Wright, Martell Webster, etc.); or (3) trade for a 30 year old coming off of a season ending knee injury (Granger). I also proposed drafting Porter #1, signing Josh Smith & trading the #1 pick, and each proposal was roundly rejected. I acknowledge that each one of those proposals have their respective risks and downsides. So, trying to come up with another solution, I came up with the following. Again, we are operating under the assumption that the Cavs use their #1 overall pick on Nerlens Noel.

It has been widely rumored that the Mavericks want to trade out of the 13th overall pick without taking on any 2013-2014 salary. Using the 13th pick puts a $1.6 million dollar cap hold on their books. The Cavaliers 31st and 33rd picks are valuable to the Mavs because they are two of the first three draft picks on 2013 draft that don't require a cap hold. But, I acknowledge that it's a pipe dream to think the Mavs would trade the 13th pick for the 31st & 33rd pick straight up, so we have to offer something more to get the deal done. The Mavs don't want our 19th pick because it comes with a cap hold too. I refuse to offer a 2014 first rounder (even if its protected) because the 2014 draft is projected to have much more valuable prospects in it. The Cavs, however, has 3 second round picks in the 2014 draft as well (Memphis', Orlando's and their own). So lets say Chris Grant offers the 31st & 33rd pick in the 2013 draft and the Magic's 2014 second rounder, which, lets be honest, will still be in the first half of the second round. I honestly don't know if that's enough to get it done, but I'm going with it.

Now, the Cavs have drafted Noel at #1 and have the 13th and 19th pick still to play with. What moves do you make to improve this franchise?

Two options that may present themselves is drafting either Dario Saric or Shabazz Muhammad with the 13th pick. Saric is a 19 year old Croatian player who would probably needs some time before playing in the NBA, but has strong fundamentals (as a lot of European players seem to) in that he is a strong ball handler, passer and rebounder, but must improve his shooting and his defense. Muhammad was rated as one of the best players coming into this draft cycle but struggled at UCLA and measured in at shorter than expected at the NBA. That being said Muhammad is a dynamic scorer, but he doesn't pass well (or ever) is not particularly adept at playing defense and has a perception of a 'me-first' type player.

Another option might be packaging the 13th &19th pick to try to move higher in the 2013 draft. I don't know of anyone in the top 10 who wants to move down and get more picks, but the Cavs should at least seen if the can get anyone to bite. This draft does not have may projected starters in it, so the top 8-10 picks are probably too valuable to trade because the value isn't there at 13 & 19.

Yet another option might be to package the 13th and 19th pick for a starting SF. I don't know who we could get for these picks. Maybe if Chicago is desperate enough to dump salary, then the Cavs could get Luol Deng. Chicago would have more salary flexibility moving forward, could get two role players with 13th & 19th pick and make way for Jimmy Butler to start.

Another longshot might be packaging the 13th & 19th pick for a future 1st round pick. As we know Grant likes to stockpile picks. So if someone wants these picks on exchange for an unprotected first round pick in the 2014 draft, that may be worth it if the team giving up the 2014 first rounder is destined for the lottery.

So, if the Cavs can get the Mavericks 13th overall pick for a reasonable price, what do you think they should then do with the 13th and 19th picks?

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