Bacon Rules: #3 Be a Bully

AKA a love letter to little Isaiah

In many areas in life it pays to be a nice guy, develop relationships and have healthy and happy relationships. This can even apply in the sports world where teams can have healthy, mutual respect for each other and still work out deals. On the other hand it can also be great to pick on the stupidly run and shortsighted teams. Be a bully and try to see if you can dump bad contracts on them and swipe the few assets they have. Like getting an unprotected first from the Clippers (the Clippers actually lucked into that not being so bad when the landed CP3 and didn't end up stuck with Gordon's bad knees but they are still a continually poorly run team).

Disclaimer- I am NOT endorsing this trade, this is an example (or a rumor) of a badly run team trying to dump one of the few legitimate assets they have.

The Kings- we have already lifted a potential first rounder for 4 months of them totally misusing JJ Hickson and now there are reports of them trying to take pick #19 for Isaiah Thomas. Sam Vecenie is correct in that you don't want to trade the #19 pick for one season of a backup player but I think he is wrong in his estimation of the qualities of that player.

At 5'9 Isaiah is clearly small for the NBA and his raw numbers are solid but unspectacular. 14 pts, 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 t/o last season. There is also little improvement from his rookie numbers on a per 36 min basis. Looking closer though he had excellent efficiency with a TS% of .574 as a rook and he kept up in his second season (matched it perfectly in fact) while increasing his mins per game by 1.4 and his USG went up 3.2%.

He also has some excellent companionship in that players who are 6'0 and smaller rarely put up seasons this efficient. Sorting for 24 year olds and younger 6'0 and under, played 1600+ mins, TS 0.55% and greater nets you Chris Paul (3 seasons), Mark Price (2 seasons) Ty Lawson (2 seasons) DJ Augustien, Jameer Nelson and Isaiah's two seasons. Pretty good company in general.

Of course you don't get extra points for being sub 6 foot in the NBA but extending the list to 6'4 guys you still end up with a pretty impressive list of players who accomplished this twice by the time they were 24.

Whats the point of this man crush rambling for a guy I could look in the eye rather than having to climb a stepladder just to shake his hand? That the Kings, if they are shopping Thomas, are looking to trade away an undervalued asset, instead of figuring out how to use him effectively. When I hear Cavs trade rumors this summer I want them to be with terribly run teams, the Bobcats, the Clippers, the Kings of the league. I want them to search out the guys that think trading for Joe Johnson's horrific contract is a good idea and rip them off.

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