A Case To Trade the #1 Pick

If the Cavs are looking to make the playoffs now, they will want to get players who can help them now...especially if they don't like anybody in this draft to select #1... and pay them #1 money. Drafting any rookie probably won't help them in their playoff hopes, let alone Noel who will miss part of the season. Instead, why not trade the pick for players who can help them win, and are still young enough to grow with the team?

Trade Proposal

Varejao+CLE's 1st ($9mil) ...for... McGee+Chandler+DEN's 27th ($16mil)

DEN does this because while Karl recognizes all the good McGee brings to the table, he gets frustrated with McGee's boneheaded plays. Instead, Karl gets the often-injured, but high-bball-IQ Varejao who can thrive in the up and down system Karl runs. Already with SF Gallo (and owners being super cheap), the need to dump salary is a priority.

With the leftover cap space, a Corey Brewer can be re-signed, a cheaper (than Iggy) Tony Allen can be signed, but with the #1 overall pick, the options are endless (okay, maybe a handful).

CLE does this because although McGee is a knucklehead, he's progressed and matured (albeit slowly) from his WAS days. Once can presume he will continue to grow and mature. The defensive, shot-blocking, and rebounding presence he will bring to this team will help mask the defensive lapses of one Irving, Waiters, and whoever else. Chandler is a bonafied scorer. He does it all, from scoring, shooting, rebounding, and at 6'8 220lbs, would be an ideal SF.

Both are athletic freaks. McGee is 25yrs old and Chandler is 26yrs old, so they can still grow and develop with the core of the team.

Draft Picks

So now with the 27th, 31st, and 33rd picks, the Cavs need to try and select players guys who can come in and help now (aka NOT 'potential' guys).

  • 27th - 6'7 SG/SF Tony Snell (New Mexico): Long, athletic shooter with the potential to be a lockdown defender.
  • 31st - 6'9 PF Jackie Carmichael (Illinois State): Primarily a post defender/rebounder who's offense comes from tip-ins, dunks, and the occasional post move. Prototypical Hard-Hat-Lunch-Pail player.
  • 33rd - 6'2 PG Myck Kabongo (Texas): A pass-first PG who plays defense.

FA Signings

  • Sign Iggy to a 4yr $60mil deal ($15mil per)

2013-14 Roster, Lineup, and Payroll

C. McGee $10.8 (Zeller $1.6)

PF. TT $4.1 (Speights $4.5, Carmichal $.8)

SF. Chandler $6.3 (Gee $3.3, Snell $.9)

SG. Iggy $15 (Waiters $3.9)

PG. Irving $5.6 (Kabongo $.8)

Payroll: $57.6mil ($5mil MLE available)

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