We've Got a Thing, Going On (not with Mrs. Jones)


Kyrie, Tyler, Tristan & Dion, taking part in All-Star weekend, posing for the camera - via

The pundits shouted: "The Cavaliers are trash. If I was in the NBA, I'd play with two ankles that needed micro-fracture surgery before I would play for them"

"No why him?! There's 183,294 better players in this draft than him!" regarding Tristan Thompson (well every one we drafted the past two years but him especially).

"Kyrie better leave before this no-talent talent team sucks him down with them. Miami maybe?"

The 19-63 semblance of a team gave proof to America and the media that the 'Mistake by the Lake' will be forevermore. Fans from Boston to LA made a mockery of the Cavs, criticizing our abilities to keep Ryan Hollins and Samardo Samuels off the court for as long as we could, as well as make the dumbest trades of the history of ever. Hell even Cavs fans themselves rolled with the punches, trashing the front office for being too inept to realize talent when they see it.

Everyone said to stay away from Irving as his toe was weak and so is the rest of his body. "He's a PG with no court vision and now he'll be slower than he was. Williams is the PF of the future." The pick of Tristan Thompson almost made Cleveland fans cut ties with the organization altogether, at first. As the 2011-12 season progressed, Kyrie won the hearts of many(along with Rookie of the Year) and while Tristan struggled, you could see the improvement from the hard work he put in. That alone won the battle for the respect of most Cavs fans. Still the pundits criticized.

Enter Dion and Z.0 into the 2012-13 Campaign. Media abound gave the Cavs a slim chance, if any, to be a decent team at least 3-5 years from then. By then most of the horrendous '10-11 personnel were no longer employed by the Cavaliers. The once rusty team began stretching its legs, fitted with new parts waiting to be tested.

.. Okay so much of the same happened. Some parts broke down and Byron(being the master Mechanic he was) tried his best to fix it, but failed to do so. The bright side to this semi-oiled machine was that the young and new parts held firm, more so they actually had faint traces of being a respectable NBA-Caliber team when healthy(the mid-season offensive explosion was really encouraging, it brought tears of joy. Well not really, but you can't lie seeing all the cogs work together didn't make you excited for what's to come.)

Three years of dark struggle has never seemed so bright. The Cavaliers retained the title of 'Draft King', having secured it 2 out of the past three years. After being on the bottom, no matter who we take at No.1(Nerlens though), they can immediately come in and contribute without missing a beat. More young guys will come in and won't seem lost now that our core is decent and has more experience. The media and the rest of NBA conglomerate are slowly but surely observing the players they once shunned, now developing into a formidable brotherhood. The pundits have long since silenced, the once bitter remarks now delicious victories.

It's been a long time of broken hearts and bewildered seasons, but i can finally say proudly: We've got a good thing going on here.

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