Lebron Sign and Trade? I Wouldn't do it...



I know there’s all the talk about Lebron potentially coming back to Cleveland if he opts out of his deal in 2014. I understand why there is reason to get excited and hope that we get our prodigal son back. He is one of the greats and he's only getting better. But I must say-I'm not sure how I feel about HOW we would get him back. The way I see it is that he went down to Miami and we really didn’t get much for him. Yes, I know, I know, we received 5 future draft picks per this blurb:

"Cleveland now owns two of Miami’s first-round draft picks starting no earlier than 2013 and continuing through 2017, the Heat’s 2012 second-round pick from New Orleans, and the future second-round pick Miami acquired from Oklahoma City. Additionally, Cleveland will have the right to swap 2012 first-round picks with the Heat. The trade also gives Cleveland a very large trade exception, which the Cavaliers can now use in trades within one calendar year."

Now, on the surface, that is a decent haul. Until you realize that the Heat have been at the top of the Eastern Conference for the last three years, rendering those picks late twenties. We got lucky this year with the Lakers making the playoffs with the ability to move up via swap. But all in all, we didn’t really get too much. We didn’t even use the player exception before it expired.



Why am I gripping? Because the way for Lebron to come back to Cleveland seems to prompt people o generate floating ideas of a Sign and Trade. Now, Miami, with Pat Riley, will be in one of the best positions in Basketball. He will have the ability to trade Bosh for a haul and then trade Lebron back to Cleveland. But with Wade fading I have a feeling he would try to get as much as he can for the so called "Greatest Player of His Generation". No doubt that he is, but let’s think about this. For 5 future picks and a player exception would the Cavs really Trade Tristan, Kyrie, Waiters or this year’s No. 1 Pick? I would NOT. We didn’t get much from the Lebron deal and I wouldn’t want to toil away as the 2007 Cavs while giving Pat Riley and the Heat some pieces to keep trudging along in the Eastern Conference race.

Reading around I’ve seen a few trades that say things like Lebron James for Dion Waiters, Thompson, and future Picks?!?! NO.

Lebron James for Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, and Tristan Thompson and future picks. That just GAVE the Miami Heat the ability to compete consistently even if Wade is fading. Can you imagine Kyrie, Wade, Tristan, Bosh, and Andy? Arguably they would beat the Cavs in a playoff series even with Lebron. Who are we rolling out? Lebron at the 4 with Waiters as our primary scorer? With no NBA caliber PG? Not good.

I love Lebron. Regardless of the decision, but the Cavs need to be careful. Pat Riley can really cripple us really quickly if Grant bites on the Lebron Trade Idea. We drafted these players who are blossoming before our eyes.

Let’s continue to watch them. I'd rather have a Core of Thompson, Waiters, and Kyrie with a "decent" Small forward and an above average center than Waiters, Lebron and a bunch of Luke Walton-Ray Allen-types trying so hard to follow Lebron everywhere.

I know the Cavs will run into OKC's issue with players on contracts but they really need to buck the trend and keep as many of these players as possible. The ONLY one I can see potentially being traded in the next 4 years in Tristan. That's just because the 4 position is one of the easiest to fill in the NBA, in my opinion. Center is not. 2-gaurds....a slasher like Dion is hard to come by. And Kyrie, well he's Kyrie. Don’t even.

Any who, that was just a quick rant. I don’t want to see the Cavs do something crazy like trade Dion, Thompson, and future picks for Lebron. After that, knowing Pat Riley, he’ll trade Bosh for Demarcus Cousins and a bunch of Picks too. Next thing you know the Heat are walking around with 13 picks (sound familiar) two top 4 picks and Demarcus. That would be a travesty for Cleveland in my opinion.

Go Cavs!



As always, a little time for an egregious off-season prediction!!:

  • Cavs trade the No. 1 pick to Sacramento, AV, and for Cousins, and the No. 7
  • At Number 7 Cavs take SHAMU
  • Cavs trade the 31, 33, and Orlando's 2014 Second rounder to Dallas for Marion and their 13th pick.
  • At 13 get Dennis Schroeder-PG
  • At 19 grab Kelly Olynyk-Play him at PF like Andrea Bargnai
  • Resign Ellington.
  • Let Speights walk and Boobie too.
  • Sign Josh Smith.


Roll out a Line-up of



Defense would be hard to come by with the Center’s and PF’s, but Mike Brown made Mo’ Williams play Defense. Andy too. I trust him.

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