Want to draft for Need instead of the best player? So did these guys. Lets have a laugh.

As you know, only losers go into a draft filling holes instead of taking the best player. You don't take someone worse because he "fills a need" or "you can get a good SF and a decent C instead of a great C". This is silliness.

For humor, I now link you to the people who said there were a lot of guards in the 2011 draft, but only 1 Derrick Williams.Enjoy.

Jimmer, Kemba, or Knight, eh? -

He was injured! That is a major red flag! -

Williams is the "safe pick", and the Cavs have 2 decent point guards! -

I'm sure I could locate more, but honestly, looking through those is exhausting.

Rule #1 - The draft is not a place to get cute. You take the guys you think are the best players. David Kahn did this when he took 3 point guards, unfortunately he completely botched moving them because he is David Kahn. Chris Grant did this when he took Kyrie Irving, instead of looking at Baron and Ramon and thinking "We could make the playoffs with help at 2,3,4." Overthinking and plugging holes is what losing teams do to try and win quick. Never in history has anyone bemoaned having too much talent at 1 position. Especially premium positions.

Rule #2 - Don't believe the hype. The draft build-up is the biggest cycle of misinformation you will ever witness. There is thinking, overthinking, hype, over and underhype, and a tendency to end up back where we were in the first place. All of these columnists need something to write about, and need a reason to get people to look at their mock drafts. OF COURSE there will be constant rumors, and the Cavs "considering" other players. Do you realize how weak a contention that is? You dont need sources, you dont need credibility, it is so wide open and plausible that people just believe it and you get the hits you need. Other teams, wanting someone to fall, will spread as much disinformation as they can. This is especially effective in the NFL.

The moral of the story - Take everything with a grain of salt and respect the process. Making the 7th or 8th seed for a few years gets us nowhere. Kyrie Irving isnt a UFA until 2018 or so. Now is not the time to panic. The cavs havent even brought anyone in for a workout yet! The strongest draft information we have is Cal telling us Chris Grant scouted Nerlens more than anyone, and Chad Ford telling us that CG and co. were out in force in Vegas for Karasev.

The Closing Nugget - Nerlens Noel will be in Cleveland on June 20th. Grant has more info on him than anyone, and has already told the media he needs to see OUR doctors (at the best hospital in the world). Any speculation on the Cavs concerns and opinions on his medical condition before then are silly, because we havent even looked at him.

Calm down, Cavs fans, there are still 3 more weeks of this.

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