Why not Dwight??



I’m surprised the Cavs are not at LEAST looking at Dwight and offering a Trade to LA. From the sound of it the Warriors can only offer Klay Thompson/Harrison Barnes and a Bogut in exchange. The Rockets only have Asik and Lin and LA has come out and stated they have no interest in the two, in an effort to chase players in Free Agency. I haven’t heard Dallas’ package but I can’t assume it would be leaps and bounds better than the two aforementioned ones. Atlanta is a player as well, but not as much flexibility.

The Cavs on the other hand can really help the Lakers out. They have almost zero picks in the coming years because of Steve Nash and Dwight. They would be losing a big man so I’m sure they’d want one in return that an run the floor. Grant always talks about having assets and multiple picks and flexibility.

If I were Grant I’d propose a trade of CJ Miles, Varejao, Gee, Luke’s expiring and the picks of Sacramento and Memphis/One of our Future 1st Rounder’s. Is that better than the Warriors trade at face value? Not by too much, no. But Varejao’s contract is almost up so they can save money there in the long run if they choose to do so. Varejao and Gasol would be a decent tandem down low. And if LA pulls out some fancy signings of shooters, they could easily make it back into the playoffs when Kobe is healthy. Plus all of the assets traded gives LA picks and flexible but cheap contracts. Plus you don’t give him to a rival like Dallas, GSW, or Houston.

On the Cavs end it’s a slam dunk. You get your Center that you coveted to pair with Dion/Kyrie. Can you imagine a starting lineup of

  1. Kyrie Irving
  2. Dion Waiters
  3. Anthony Bennett
  4. Tristan Thompson
  5. Dwight Howard

In Mike Browns defensive scheme, the Cavs may be legit on to something. A few fancy signings here and there and the potential is crazy.



I know, I know, I have Bennett at the three, but that’s just what I see him playing long-term. Sites have him listed at 6-7/6-8, to me that is not a power-forward. That’s clearly a SF he just needs to drop a few and learn some more complex moves. That weight/height is comparable to Melo, Lebron, and others. Not comparable to Aldridge, Love, or Griffin.

With a proposed Lineup of this caliber the Cavs would need to bring in folks like Dorrell Wright, AK-47, Collison, and Earl Clark to fill out gaps but it could work.

I don't think losing Andy, Gee, and Miles would be a substantial blow to our team nor would it force an overall rebuild. Houston on the other hand would have to fill out spots like crazy if Lin, Asik, and T-Rob are all gone. Dallas, they had better hope for Josh Smith or Rondo. GSW would be "okay" for the most part, but losing Klay or Barnes and Bogut could be a substantial blow, especially with Lee's hideous contract.
I think the Cavs would be in contention for a championship. I'd say 60% this year and but certainly around the high 80's next year when the Nets and Knicks get a little older. I can see the Cavs jostling for a finals spot with Indiana, Miami and Chicago.

Only issue with this, as I've mentioned in a previous post, you will run into contract issues as Bennett, Irving, Waiters, and TT would not all be permanent stays on the roster. If I had to pick one that'll go it would be TT probably. Of course if we sign Bynum to a smaller 3-year deal we can keep our core and bring Andy off the bench too!

With all of that being said, Id totally be happy with Al JEfferson, Andrew Bynum, AK-47, Collison, Earl Clark, or SOMEBODY that can contribute this off-season.

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