Andrew Bynum shouldn't start.

Andrew Bynym has two basic flaws- his possibility for reinjury, and the year+ he hasn't been able to play basketball.

These are going to combine into forcing us to put a minutes limitation on him to start the season. I suspect that at the start of the season, he'll be healthy (or at least, as healthy as he's going to get this year), but he'll still be out of shape from his long break. This makes it all the more important to keep his minutes down- jumping a lot when you're overweight, out of shape, and have bad knees is not a good idea.

If we have him start the 1st and 3rd quarters, and we don't disrupt our rotations, then that's a majority of the minutes he'll be scheduled to play. A lot of those games will end up being laughers (one way or the other), and we'll have wasted his minutes. If we save those minutes until the end of the game, there are a lot of advantages.

-It keeps his minutes down, because some games we won't need him (same reason as with Bennett).

- Andrew Bynum normally makes 55.8% of his shots. That's pretty good. But in crunch time, this increases to an amazing 76.1%. Imagine him and Kyrie on the court at the same during crunch time.

-Because it's the crunch time lineup that needs to get the most time together, IMO. Set plays like the ones you start the game with you can work on in practice. The 'team feel' you need in the clutch you're going to need practice in games to work on.

-Keeps him out of foul trouble. I don't think this will be a big issue with his minutes limitation, but I hate seeing a big get pulled after two quick fouls to start the game. Throws them off.

I really want to see a crunch time lineup of

Kyrie Irving

Dion Waiters

Anthony Bennett

Andrew Bynum

Andy Varejao

I think any problems Bennett has on defense on the perimeter will be more than adequately covered by having Team Andy in the frontcourt. All five of those guys are good shooters, and offense will not be a problem.

Why Varejao? Well for one thing, he's our best defender. His shooting helps spread the floor more than Tristan would. He should work very well with Bynum on defense, with Varejao guarding the big further away from the basket. I hesitate to say one of them is the 'center' and the other is the 'power forward', because they won't split it that way.

One other reason why Varejao- because he plays with more heart than most of the team. There were winnable games, like Detroit, where Irving seemed to give up and Andy was the only person keeping us in the game. I think this lineup shouldn't be counted out just because we're down 15 with six minutes to go. This is a squad where coming back should be an art form, and Varejao will make sure they give it a good shot.

I would have the 'crunch time' lineup play the last 6 minutes of the second quarter, and as much of the end of the game as needed. This would, unfortunately, mostly cut into Tristan's time, but he could still get in at least 30 minutes a game.

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