Baconbacon grades the offseason

Amin Elhassan just did a typically terrible (that is typical of sports journalism in general) job in describing the Cavs postseason. You can sum up the ridiculousness with his thoughts on Bynum's contract

"To sign him to a two-year, $24 million deal with a team option on the second year and just $6 million guaranteed in the first year is nothing short of a home run."

Obviously virtually all Cavs fans love the signing, but how can you call a guy that might cost the Cavs 6 million for zero production and could limit their ability to make in season moves to improve the team "nothing short of a home run". Its bad writing because the analogy is stinking terrible. Homeruns are done deal, a high fly ball could be an out or a dinger, it is uncertain but a homerun is something in the past, something that has already (even if only just a few blinks ago) happened. If you want to mix your sports in search of a metaphor you need to be slightly more descriptive than that.

So far its late in the game and the Cavs are trailing by 3 but have runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out, and the guy at the plate hits a fly ball to right field.

Jarrett Jack is your guy on 3rd base- he almost certainly scores even if the fly ball is caught- but his score doesn't change the outcome by itself. The Cavs need him to score just to have a shot to get back in the game this season.

Anthony Bennett is on second and he can easily come rumbling home under the right circumstances but could just as easily get stranded on 3rd base... showing us his potential but not contributing enough as a rookie to make an impact.

At the plate is Bynum- his range is broad, he could fly out and produce basically nothing, he could slam a homer and put us in the range of the second tier contenders, and he could tantalize us with a double off the wall but struggle with knee issues halfway through the season.

On deck is Karasev and Felix. Even if Bynum does nothing they have the potential to clean up and make the team competitive adding the tenacious D and 3 pt shooting we badly need on the perimeter.

Earl Clark sits on the bench hoping to get a chance to pinch hit.

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