Why we shouldn't bank on 2014.

A lot of talk and discussion has gone on about how aggressive the Cavaliers should be during this free agency period, because 2014 is expected to be the biggest free agent market in 4 years. Potential free agents include Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Loul Deng, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Danny Granger along with many other good players.

Now, lets be honest. Cleveland is not the market big time players are flocking too. One of the reasons Lebron left was because his buddy Chris Bosh didn't want to play in Cleveland, although he would have gotten more money in Cleveland. While we do have potential stars in Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and many other young talented players, that won't be the only thing to lure big time free agents to the Wine and Gold. Basically, it will be tough for the Cavs to get any of the big free agents.

First off, all the young good players like Paul George, Demarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe, are restricted free agents, which means the team with their original contract can match any offer sheet signed by another team. That means that many of the players listed above will probably be staying tight where they are, even if the Cavs would make a deal they would find appealing. While I would salivate at the opportunity of signing Paul George to be the small forward of the future for this young team, it just isn't happening.

Next, many of the big names will never come to Cleveland in the first place. Kobe and Wade are staying put no matter what and I have got to believe Melo will as well because the Knicks are the team he has always wanted to be on. If Bosh doesn't get moved (which I believe he won't) I believe he will more than likely take less to stay in Miami as well. Rudy Gay can also opt out of his deal, but I must believe Rudy is going to stay in Toronto considering their new GM is one of the best in the business.

But the biggest prize that all of Cavalier nation (or at least most of it) is salivating over is.................. Lebron James. Yes, even after Lebron went on national TV and "stabbed" his hometown team in the back to go play with his buddies and rivals in Miami, Cavaliers fans still hope and pray that Lebron will make his original promise come true by bringing a title to Cleveland.

Now if you're a Cavs fan that is saying "We don't want him back, we don't need him!".....stop now. Lebron is clearly the best player in the league and he will be for many years to come, so to say you don't want the best player just because you don't like what he did is just not smart.

But Lebron isn't coming back. Period. Here is why:

Lebron James might not like Miami as much as he did Cleveland (via some rumblings), but he is not going to leave a proven championship team with two superstars just to come back to the town that basically disowned him in 2010. Yes, he has a good relationship with Irving and Thompson, but this team is very unproven and young. Lebron would much rather be on a team with superstars he knows that can win immediately.

However, I do not think Miami is the clear cut favorite for LBJ. Wade is not aging well and Bosh is.....well Chris Bosh. Unless this trio takes a massive pay cut, one of the three will be gone. And unfortunately, I believe the NBA is on the precipice for a new super-team, and that team is in LA with the Lakers. I believe with the Lakers having a lot of one year contracts remaining and Kobe wanting another ring, I think Lebron teams up with Kobe in LA with either Dwight Howard or another star (Melo?).

Getting back to the premise of the post, the Cavs really shouldn't be banking on hitting the jackpot in 2014, because the odds of them getting what they want is slim to none. All the good young players will stick where they are at, and all the superstars are basically set to where they want to be. As stated before, Cleveland, despite Kyrie and Dion, is not an attractive market. The Cavs should focus on getting a team full of good depth in these next two free agent periods and next year's draft rather then to hope for a Lebron return, because it ain't happening.

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