Our most likely candidate for each Major Award

As our roster takes shape, it is becoming clear that we very well could be a big factor in the East, and even contend for a home playoff series. This would most likely mean our players could be getting a mention around award season. So heres a look at who is a chance at these awards, and their probability of winning it.

MVP: Kyrie Irving: 20.8ppg 6.0apg 3.8rpg 0.7spg. They are some pretty impressive numbers for a second season player. But they are not Kyrie Irving's. Those are the numbers of Derrick Rose's second season. And what did he do the next season? He won the MVP. Kyrie's stats are almost identical! 22.5ppg 5.9apg 3.7rpg 1.5spg. There is no reason he cannot do the same as Rose and win the MVP. Of course, it would take a bit to beat the likes of James, Durant, and maybe even Rose. Even if he doesn't win the MVP, Kyrie will probably make an All-NBA team. But Kyrie is definitely our best chance at MVP. Probability: 5%

Coach of the Year: Mike Brown: This very well could be our best chance at a major award. Mike Brown is already making waves with this squad, Dion has spoken out at how much emphasis Brown is placing on defence(as expected) and the respect he has commanded from both existing players, and new FA additions wanting to come play for him. Taking a team from the 3rd worst record in the league, to anywhere from a number 4-8th seed is definitely worth a mention when we are considering names for Coach of the Year. Probability: 30-50%

Sixth man of the Year: Jarrett Jack: If Mike Brown doesn't win Coach of the year, I would be banking on Jack as our next most likely award recipient. What did the Cavs lack last season? Depth, 3pt shooting and a veteran presence. Jack cures all 3 of them problems. He finished 3rd last year in voting behind Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith. He will definitely be in contention again next season. Probability: 33%

Defensive Player of the Year: Tristan Thompson: With Mike Brown as head coach, look for Tristan to thrive defensively in his third season. We forget that in college he was voted in the Big12 All defensive team and averaged 2.4bpg. Very impressive, yet that has yet to translate into the NBA with him only getting 0.9 this past season. We know he will continue to inhale rebounds, and we know how dedicated he is to hustle plays, loose balls and box out battles. If he can improve his block numbers, and the team improves its overall defensive numbers Tristan is a possibility for this award, albeit a big outside chance . Probability: 3%

Most Improved Player: Dion Waiters : Is Andrew Bynum a chance for this award? To miss a whole season and return back to your all-star form, that would be impressive, but I don't think that would put him in the most improved category. But even if I thought that would put Bynum in the conversation, I would still have Dion pegged for this award. My love for Dion is no secret, I have him down as an all-star this season(see my sig). And its all possible....if he averages 20ppg. That's a big jump, but if anyone can do it, is Dion! His defence will undoubtably improve, and if he keeps up his efficiency like he did post all-star break, there is no telling what he is capable of. The reason I have Dion as such a good chance at winning this award, we can never predict who will win it! That's the beauty of this award, someone who was average last season is going to prove themselves to be a superstar in this league. Probability: 5-10%

Rookie of the Year: Anthony Bennett: I don't think this one needs much explaining, of course the number 1 draft pick will have a chance to win Rookie of the year. Only problem is, I have Carter-Williams and Burke pretty much as locks for this award, simply because they will both be starting and running the offence as Rookies, they have the best situation to succeed, but behind them I have Bennett equal with Oladipo Probability: 15%

NBA Slam Dunk Champion: Carrick Felix: Not a major award, and I do believe that this seasons dunk contest will be stepped up, with pushes for LeBron to participate, we will probably see the Westbrooks, Griffins etc of the world wanting in aswell. But Felix can really throw it down! Possesses mad hops and a good handle, he displayed it in the 2013 College Slam Dunk Contest, where he went dunk for dunk with Dunkin' Doug Anderson. Don't believe me? Just watch. Probability: 1%

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